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add startup item Setting Up the GP Home Page Startup Folder
Automatically open windows when you log into GP Do you have a particular window (or windows) that you always open as soon as you log into GP?  You can add windows to the Home Page Startup folder and then those windows will automatically open as soon as you log in..
GP sales all-in-one view How To Create All-In-One Views in GP
Gather the data you need on one screen with all-in-one views Here’s how to use GP’s Purchasing, Sales and Inventory All-In-One Views to view all documents related to a particular vendor, customer or inventory item.  (Available in the Inquiry section of each page.) Creating all-in-one views: The screenshot below shows.
internet information Create Custom Links In GP
Need a way to quickly access information outside GP? You can set up a custom link for customers, vendors, items, salespeople, employees, tracking numbers, checkbooks, and credit cards. A custom link allows you to start a new e-mail message, display a web page, open a document or image, or open.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo Upcoming Webinar, 9/16: The Benefits of GP’s SmartList Designer
SmartList Designer is a free, built-in GP tool that allows users to create customized lists of data known as SmartLists. You can build custom reports which pull data from multiple tables in GP, or even third-party software products. SmartList Designer is a powerful tool which can help you get the.
create return - GP Create Sales Return from Posted Invoice
Did you know that you can automatically create a sales return order for a previously invoiced sales transaction in Dynamics GP? This process will automatically pull in all the items and costs from the original posted sales invoice, eliminating the need to manually key in all the data – it’s.
GP recurring journal entries Create Recurring Journal Entries in GP
Save Time With GP Recurring Journal Entries Do you find yourself entering and posting the same general journal entry month after month? You can save these entries in a recurring batch and post the batch each month. Or even post them out into the future (as long as the Financial.
bulk inactivate GL accounts How To Bulk Inactivate GL accounts from Navigation list
GP Tips Ever wonder how to bulk inactivate accounts from the Navigation list in GP? Here’s how! Click on Accounts from the Navigation list on the Financial page.  Select the accounts to be inactivated, using the Shift or Control keys, the click on Inactivate at the top. A little window.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo Create GP Navigation Pane External Shortcuts
Did you know that from within Dynamics GP you can create shortcuts to external tasks such as Crystal Reports or Management Reporter by using the Add External Shortcut window? Here’s how to create an external shortcut in the GP navigation pane. 1) Select the Home tab and right-click in the.
reprint GP vendor remittance How to Reprint a Vendor Remittance in GP
Have you ever had the need to see what documents were printed on a vendor’s check stub or remittance in Dynamics GP?  As of GP 2013, you have to ability to recreate the check stub.  Just drill down to a vendor payment transaction and click on the “Re-create Check Stub”.
edit payment batch in GP - right hand column How to Change Columns in the GP Payables Edit Payment Batch window
Do you use the Payables Edit Payment Batch window in Dynamics GP to pay vendor invoices?  Did you know that you can choose which columns you’d like to display in this window?  By default, the first column on the right-hand side of the window is Voucher Number.  That number doesn’t.
Getting help in GP
GP Help Looking for reliable resources for help with GP? Here are a few ideas: If you’re working in GP and you’re unsure of how a particular window works or what a certain field is used for, you can access the built-in GP Help by pressing the F1 key to.
gp clear range of bank transactions GP Bank Reconciliation – How to clear a range of transactions
Ever wonder how to clear a range of transactions in GP when doing bank reconciliation? Here’s how: In the Select Bank Transactions window, click to select the first number to be cleared (indicated by the black arrow).  Click on the Select Range button and select Begin Range (or Control-B) Scroll.
Do You Have a Great Dynamics GP Advisor?
Every GP client deserves to have a Dynamics GP consultant. If you can’t check that box for your company, then you are missing out on all that GP can do for you! As accounting software and as an ERP solution, Microsoft GP can do so much for your business. It’s.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo On-Demand Webinar: Sending Vendor Payments by EFT in GP
Interested in learning how to send vendor payments by EFT in Dynamics GP? In this helpful session, you’ll learn about why and how to utilize EFT for paying vendors. Here are helpful downloads referenced in the webinar: Why utilize EFT for vendor payments? Save on postage and reduce check-printing and.
How To Change GP Font Size
Changing GP Font Size Do you have a Windows 10 machine? And are your GP fonts too small? You’re going to spend long hours struggling to read your screen, which will result increasingly in eye pain and frustration. Don’t settle for font sizes which are too difficult to read. Try this! Log.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo Fix for March 2021 Windows Updates
There are known GP issues caused by March 2021 Windows updates: When you print documents in GP that contain images, black boxes appear instead of the images.  The temporary workaround was to roll back the update. Another issue was you might receive an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error with a blue screen, and.
GP Audit Trail Codes Setup
Here’s a quick explainer on how to setup GP audit trail code prefixes. When you post a batch in one of the subsidiary modules (Payables, Receivables, etc.), it posts to the general ledger and uses an Audit Trail Code for the Financial Batch ID.  To find out what the Audit.
Using GP SmartList Options
Wondering how to use GP SmartList Options? Use this window to set up SmartList Defaults, such as Maximum Number of Records, Default Go To windows and determine which columns are visible, by default, for specific SmartList favorites. Go to Administration > Setup > System > SmartList Options Select a Category.
How to scan documents within GP
How to scan documents within GP Are you aware of how easy it is to scan and attach documents to Dynamics GP transactions and master records? This new Document Attachment functionality was added in GP 2013 R2. All you need is a Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) enabled scanner/printer and a.
Assigning multiple default purchase accounts for vendors in GP
Multiple Default Purchase Accounts for Vendors If you’ve been entering payables transactions in GP, then you probably already know that you can assign a default purchase accounts to each vendor. BUT, did you know that you can assign multiple accounts to a vendor? Here’s how: In the Vendor Account Maintenance window, click.
How to waive finance charges in GP
Waive Finance Charges in GP If you issue monthly finance charges, and you have some of those customers who never pay theirs, you can easily waive these finance charge transactions in GP.  By using the Waive process, this will reverse the posting of the original finance charge. And then when.
Item report for SQL Server Reporting Services Item Status Report for SQL Server Reporting Services
In this video, we present a custom report created in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), but also possible to use in Crystal Reports or Power BI. What does this SQL Server Reporting Services Report Do? This custom SSRS report lists items that are needed for current open sales orders in.
using gp allocation accounts How to use GP Allocation Accounts
Using GP Allocation Accounts In GP, you can use a Fixed or Variable Allocation account to automatically distribute fixed or variable percentages of a transaction among several distribution accounts. 1. Fixed Allocation Go to Financial > Cards > Fixed Allocation Enter an account number and description Enter each Distribution Account.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo On-Demand Webinar: What’s New for GP in 2021?
Microsoft Dynamics GP – New Features for 2021 As we start off a fresh new year, it’s a great time to update Microsoft Dynamics GP users on on all the new functionality in Dynamics GP for 2021! In this on-demand webinar, GP consultant Deborah Newcomer from CSSI brings you up.
Assigning a password to GP SmartList Favorite
Assigning a GP SmartList Favorite Password One of the new features added in Dynamics GP 2018 is the ability to assign a password to a SmartList Favorite. Maybe you’ve created a new list and you want another Dynamics GP user to be able to view the list but not make.
How to Back Out GP General Journal Entries
Need to Back Out GP General Journal Entries? If you have a general journal entry that was posted incorrectly, either with a wrong posting date or wrong GL account numbers or amounts, did you know that you can easily back out a Dynamics GP general journal entry and post a.
gp fiscal periods How to Create GP Fiscal Periods
Creating GP Fiscal Periods Because the year end is fast approaching, here’s a reminder on how to create a new fiscal year in GP.  Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Company > Fiscal Periods.  Type in the new year.  Verify that the First Day, Last Day.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo Using GP Combiner and Modifier Tools
Are your vendor, customer or employee ID’s alphanumeric and based on the name?  What happens when a name gets changed?  You’re stuck with an ID that doesn’t match the name.  Well, not if you use the GP Modifier tool!  This tool can be used to change master ID’s (Vendor ID, Customer ID,.
how to use unit accounts in gp How To Use GP Unit Accounts
If you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, you’ll know that we’ve previously discussed Fixed and Variable Allocation Accounts.  Another category of account you can create is GP Unit Accounts.  This type of account keeps track of non-financial information, such as number of employees per department or square footage per department/division..
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo On-Demand Webinar: 36 ISVs in 45 Minutes!
Join us on Oct. 22 for a special webinar with Kim Peterson of Dynamics Connections, who will present "Rapid-fire: 36 ISVs in 45 minutes". Kim has an extensive knowledge of the GP ecosystem... you won't want to miss this session!
power bi report pack for GP - GL view On-Demand Webinar: Power BI Report Pack for Dynamics GP
Microsoft Power BI is Microsoft's flagship, Data Analytics, and AI Reporting platform. Using this platform, we have created the Power BI REPORT PACK for Dynamics GP. The REPORT PACK is a suite of 100+ PRE-BUILT, turnkey, interactive dashboard reports for surfacing and analyzing all of your GP data.
Gorilla Expense On-Demand Webinar: Gorilla Expense for Dynamics GP
Let’s face it – nobody likes doing Expense Reports! But it is a necessary function of today’s increasingly mobile workforce. If you would like to remove the hassle from processing expense reports, check out this on-demand webinar: In the video, CSSI introduces experts from Gorilla Expense, a GP add-on which.
Tips for working from home with GP
Are you currently working from home with GP due to the COVID-19 crisis? If you're experiencing problems using GP remotely, please check this helpful Q&A from Microsoft.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo On-Demand Webinar: What’s New In the Latest Version of GP?
The update to GP2018 was released in October of 2019, and we’ve now had time to digest the changes. One of the major (and perhaps confusing) changes is that GP has adopted Microsoft’s ‘Modern Lifecycle Policy’ and will no longer use version numbers. So the official latest version is known.
Planning Maestro – Budgeting Add-On for GP
Does your annual budgeting process give you headaches? Do you cobble together spreadsheets and constantly chase down errors? Consider Planning Maestro, an excellent budgeting add-on for GP which enables you to easily budget, forecast financial performance, analyze results, and share info throughout your business. Planning Maestro is an excellent budgeting.
Easy E-Bank Rec On-Demand Webinar: Easier Month-End Closes with Easy e-Bank Rec
Does your company spend more than 4-hours a month working on bank or credit card reconciliations? If so, check out this pre-recorded webinar for a GP add-on which will be of interest to you. Watch ‘Automation Made Easy’ and see how Easy e-Bank Rec works symbiotically with Dynamics GP and.
warehouse On-Demand Webinar: The Ideal WMS for GP (Warehouse Management System)
As inventory visibility and accuracy have become critical to your competitiveness as a business, the right WMS (warehouse management system) makes all the difference in supporting your team. As experts in both GP and barcoding/supply chain operations, we built WMS by CSSI to integrate with Dynamics GP, and to run.
Microsoft Power BI - Analytics Webinar On-Demand Webinar – Analytics! Empower Your Users With Power BI
Are you excited about data? Data increasingly provides a competitive advantage to today’s leading organization. How effectively are you utilizing data within your organization? Do the right people have easy access to the data they need to make decisions? Do you have informative, easy-to-share dashboards in place to monitor business.
GP Management Reporter Intermediate webinar Dynamics GP Intermediate Management Reporter Tutorial
This video is part 2 of a 2-part series which began with our Management Reporter for Beginners tutorial. In this video, CSSI present Dynamics GP Intermediate Management Reporter Training. We step up the difficulty level and address some of the more sophisticated things you can do with this tool. In.
GP Year-End Processing Tips Pre-recorded Webinar: Year-End Processing Tips for Dynamics GP
Did you miss our GP team’s most recent webinar on the topic of “Year-End processing tips for Dynamics GP?” Now you can watch the webinar on demand. Check it out: Need help with year-end processing in Dynamics GP?:
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo Dynamics GP Management Reporter FAQ – frequently asked questions
Dynamics GP Management Reporter for Beginners FAQ Microsoft’s Management Reporter tool can be extremely useful for Dynamics GP users to create a financial report such as balance sheet , trial balance , income statement , and really any kind of financial statements . Here are answers to several frequently asked.
GP Management Reporter for Beginners webinar Dynamics GP Management Reporter for Beginners Tutorial
Management Reporter is a powerful interactive financial reporting tool used with Microsoft Dynamics GP and other ERP systems. Management Reporter allows Controllers, Accountants, and other Finance team members to create custom reports without the help of their IT team. Ease of use, native Active Directory integration, and scalability are just.
Warehouse Management Software for GP WMS by CSSI – Warehouse Management Software for Dynamics GP
WMS by CSSI is warehouse management software for Dynamics GP. Whether you are implementing your first warehouse management software, or you are seeking to upgrade a Windows Mobile-based system to a system which can work with the Android OS, you will want to take a good look at WMS  by.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo Customizing Your GP Home Page
Have you ever thought that you could save time (and wasted clicks) by customizing your GP home page to suit your specific needs? Did you know that it is indeed possible? The CSSI GP team has prepared this brief tutorial to show you how… How to customize your GP Home.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo How to Update Dynamics GP Payroll Tax Tables for 2018
It’s that time of year… time to update GP with payroll tax tables for 2018. The team at CSSI prepared this brief tutorial to help you get it done right the first time. To download and print these instructions, click here:  How to update GP Payroll Tax Tables 1 –.
How to Take a Dynamics GP Company Offline
It’s the end of the year and you are trying to encourage your Microsoft Dynamics GP users into staying logged out of company related windows as you work to complete year-end close. You send blast emails, make calls and even send a few instant messages to schedule the process, yet.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo CSSI’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Processing Tips
Microsoft Dynamics GP users — it’s time for year-end processing. To help you out, the GP team at CSSI has prepared an update guide with a whole bunch of notes and time-saving tips. Our free Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Processing Guide contains tips and guidance on: What to do before your year-end.
Microsoft Dynamics GP logo Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Updates
Ready for the 2017 Dynamics GP Year End Update? Time is running out on 2017… if your business runs on Dynamics GP, have you implemented necessary year end updates? The CSSI GP employee team is busy doing updates for GP2013, GP2015, and GP2016. There is no year end update for.
Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics GP Support – we’ve got you covered
Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive ERP / business software system ideal for SMB (small and medium-sized businessess). With a user base numbering in the tens of thousands, and the powerful backing of Microsoft, GP provides a robust mix of solutions for many different types of businesses. Did you know.
Microsoft GP User Group Meeting Get ready for CSSI’s fall Microsoft GP Users Group conference – 10/19/2017
CSSI is preparing for its Fall Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Group Meeting – 10/19/2017 Users of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) software will benefit from attending CSSI’s Fall GPUG Meeting – This free User Group conference for software is packed with insights and tips to directly benefit your business and your GP implementation. There is.