GP Add-Ons

Dynamics GP boasts a wide variety of third-party add-ons which dramatically extend its capabilities. Just a few of the add-ons supported by CSSI include:

  • Power BI – powerful, user-friendly analytics and dashboards make it easy to put the right information in the hands of the right people. Learn more about CSSI’s services supporting analytics and dashboard development. Or, view our webinar presenting Power BI.
  • Centage Budgeting & Planning Maestro – Take control of your budgeting process with a robust and flexible tool specifically built to interact with GP. View our webinar on Budgeting & Planning Maestro for GP.
  • Gorilla Expense – T&E expense management solution. View our webinar presenting this handy add-on.
  • Easy e-Bank Rec – If you spend more than 4 hours per month working on bank or credit card reconciliations, check out this handy GP add-on which will save countless hours by automating some of these manual processes. View our webinar on Easy e-Bank Rec.
  • WMS by CSSI – Our warehouse management software enables you to condense time needed for inventorying and cycle counting while improving inventory accuracy and visibility. View our webinar on our WMS for GP.
Power BI is a handy analytics and dashboard Add-On for GP

Learn more about extending GP’s functionality with Third-Party GP Add-Ons:

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