HR & Payroll

CSSI Supports Dynamics GP HR and Payroll

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Human Resource and Payroll Modules allow you to set up, enter and maintain detailed employee records.

Human Resources provides the ability to manage the interviewing and hiring of applicants, track employee training and evaluations and maintain organizational details such as supervisor, position and department. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows for tracking of company benefits plans, along with employee attendance records and vacation and sick time.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll module provides time-saving features to aid with:

  • Direct deposit of employee’s paycheck
  • Payroll processing / pay run
  • Creating recurring batches for transactions that are entered on a regular basis like weekly payroll.
  • Employee classes can be used to create default entries that can make data entry quicker for setting up new employee records.
GP HR & Payroll

CSSI Supports Your HR and Payroll Module Implementation

Contact CSSI to discuss adding or modifying your use of the HR or Payroll module in GP.