Setting Up the GP Home Page Startup Folder

Automatically open windows when you log into GP

Do you have a particular window (or windows) that you always open as soon as you log into GP?  You can add windows to the Home Page Startup folder and then those windows will automatically open as soon as you log in.  You can also automatically open a SmartList, a web page, an external program or file or run a macro.

On the Home Page, right-click on Startup.  Select Add then select what you’d like to add.

add startup item

In this example we’ll add the Sales Transaction Entry window by clicking on Add Window.  Scroll down through the list of available windows.  Expand Microsoft Dynamics GP then the module (Sales, in the case).  Find the window name and select it.  Click on Add then Done.

add window shortcut

To test it, exit out of GP then log back in.  Voila!  Your window (or whatever you added) should pop right up.

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