Warehouse Management Software for GP

Seeking to improve inventory accuracy and overall productivity in the warehouse at a company using Microsoft Dynamics GP? The best way is to implement warehouse management software, which enables your team to take advantage of powerful handheld computers and barcode scanning, accelerating the pace of supply chain work, improving inventory management, and reducing errors.

CSSI offers a WMS which was specifically designed to run on Microsoft GP. The system is highly scalable, suitable for a small warehouse operation as well as larger companies, and contains all essential warehouse features. Even better, the CSSI warehouse management system is customizable, and can be enhanced to accommodate the unique business requirements of your operation.

Here are several short videos which provide quick demos showing how the WMS tackles a specific warehouse process:

Order Fulfillment

This feature supports your picking of items on an open sales order. Review the entire list of open orders and select one or more to create a pick list.

Inventory transfer

Ensure accurate inventory transactions by logging the movement of inventory between locations or even between multiple warehouses.

Stock counting

Conduct cycle counts or complete accounting of inventory levels in order to ensure optimal inventory control.

Item bin transfer

Track inventory transactions where items are moved from one bin to another.

Receiving transactions

Select a purchase order to receive against, and receive items by barcode scan or manual entry.

Locating items

Improve warehouse efficiency by quickly identifying locations were a particular item is located.

Get Started with WMS Software in your GP Business

If you’re ready to discuss the implementation of warehouse management software for GP in your business, please contact CSSI . We will discuss your specific needs and will be happy to provide a live demo of the CSSI WMS solution.