On-Demand Webinar: The Benefits of GP’s SmartList Designer

What is GP’s SmartList Designer?

SmartList Designer is a free, built-in Microsoft GP tool that allows users to create customized lists of data known as SmartLists . You can build custom reports which pull data from multiple tables in GP, or even third-party software products. SmartList Designer is a powerful tool which can help you get the most out of GP.

Listen to our Microsoft GP SmartList Designer Webinar

CSSI is pleased to make available to you a pre-recorded webinar in which we discuss SmartList Designer. We cover such topics:

  • Use the SmartList builder to extract your GP data and view however you need it
  • Create your own SmartLists from scratch
  • Create new SmartLists based on existing lists

Get Help With GP

If you’d like help with getting the report benefits of GPs SmartList Designer, other reporting tools such as SSRS or Crystal Reports, or any other GP feature, please be aware that CSSI offers GP training , GP upgrade support , and consulting and customization for GP. To get help, please contact CSSI.