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Autonomous Mobile Robots from Zebra Technologies' Fetch

Automate Your Warehouse With Fetch AMRs

Fetch Robotics offers a growing line of autonomous mobile robots which provide versatile and intelligent industrial automation for a broad variety of payloads and material handling workflows. As companies struggle to accommodate growing warehouse operations and a shortage of labor, AMRs provide an attractive solution for 24×7 material movement throughout the enterprise. Fetch’s proven technology provides safe operation, rapid deployment, and excellent scalability.

Fetch robots can be integrated into your existing manufacturing facility, fulfillment center, warehouse or distribution center, as long as minimal Wi-fi and floor condition requirements are met. There is no need to make expensive fixed infrastructure changes. With powerful yet easy-to-use FetchCore software, the autonomous mobile robot can be deployed rapidly. Fetch AMRs are perfect to address a broad variety of warehouse automation workflows such as each or case picking, line replenishment, putaway, pallet movement, cross docking, and waste removal.

Benefits of the Fetch Robotics / Zebra Platform

The world’s leading companies have long relied on Zebra Technologies to manage their warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing floors. Now the power of Zebra innovation and reliability (and CSSI’s expert support) is available for autonomous mobile robots via the Fetch Robotics product family. Choosing Fetch enables you to further leverage your investments in Zebra products.

FetchCore for easy deployment and control
FetchCore Software
The drag-and-drop Fetch cloud robotics platform simplifies the task of setting up workflows and controlling AMR actions.
Fetch Robotics benefits - handheld computer integration
Zebra's Comprehensive Solution
Zebra Technologies is the industry leader in mobile computing solutions. Fetch AMRs provide a valuable new Zebra solution from the provider you know and trust.
Fetch Zebra peripherals for WMS integration
Peripherals for WMS Integration
Zebra peripherals and solutions expertise make it possible to integrate your AMR activities with your WMS or ERP. Even integrate wearable computers!

Fetch AMR Safety Features

Fetch robots provide several layers of overlapping safety features for failsafe operation. A combination of 3D cameras and laser scanners supported by a powerful onboard hardware controller ensures fast and safe stops… even in the event the wireless connection is lost. Fetch AMRs have 360 degrees of visibility, eliminating hazardous blind spots. Further, with powerful FetchCore software, you can create an additional layer of safety by creating no-go zones in your facility. The Fetch cloud robotics platform enables you to check on your AMRs from any location, and make behavior or workflow updates as necessary. Each human worker will quickly adapt to the presence of autonomous robots, and will need minimal if any modification of his or her own behaviors.

Fetch safety - dynamic obstacle avoidance
Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance
Fetch sensors detect people and obstacles and take action to avoid accidents.
Fetch safety - overhang detection
Overhang Detection
Fetch sensors keep an eye upward - avoiding overhangs which could cause impact.
Fetch safety - ground obstacle detection
Ground Obstacle Detection
Fetch sensors also watch the ground for unexpected obstacles.

Why CSSI and Zebra / Fetch Robotics?

CSSI Technologies is a long-standing official dealer and integrator partner for Zebra Technologies , the industry-leading manufacturer of edge computing and data capture devices. Fetch Robotics is a pioneer in the on-demand automation and the mobile robotics industry. Zebra purchased Fetch Robotics in 2021, making warehouse robots accessible to most companies. As the leading provider of mobile computing and data capture technologies in Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic US. CSSI is pleased to be your source for Fetch Robotics products and consulting on warehouse automation solutions.

The Fetch Robotics Family of AMRs

Zebra Fetch CartConnect100 AMR
Transport carts up to 125lbs.
Zebra Fetch CartConnect500 AMR
Transport carts up to 600lbs.
Zebra Fetch HMIShelf AMR
Transport bins, totes, or packages.
Zebra Fetch FlexShelf AMR
FlexShelf AMR
Supports picking operations.
Zebra Fetch RollerTopAMR
RollerTop AMR
Flexibility for fixed conveyors.
Zebra Fetch PalletTransport1500 AMR
PalletTransport1500 AMR
Move pallets up to 2500lbs.
Zebra Fetch Freight100 and Freight1500 AMR
Freight 500 & Freight1500
Transport pallets on-demand.
Zebra Fetch TagSurveyor AMR
Automate RFID inventory tracking.

Fetch Offers Robotics As A Service (RaaS)

Fetch autonomous mobile robots are available through an innovative ‘Robots as a Service‘. This means that you can begin your adoption of AMRs for warehouse automation without the need to tie up large amounts of capital. Scale your AMR fleet as your supply chain needs grow, and achieve positive ROI from day one! CSSI will work with you to discover your addressable workflows and requirements, and will pair you with the optimal Fetch AMR products. Once those steps have been accomplished, you can subscribe to the AMR quantities you need, which will be delivered to you for deployment. No need to worry about capex outlays and depreciation. Best of all, as your warehouse operations grow, you can add more autonomous robots to your subscription. Learn more about RaaS benefits.

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