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CSSI offers custom programming services which enable you to create a software solution fit to your specific business requirements. Whether you need a complete software development team or staff augmentation, CSSI can help.

The CSSI team of Full Stack developers is completely US-based and adept with a broad range of software programming competencies and programming language options. We can create a custom web application or native Android app, meeting your specific needs and integrated with your enterprise application and workflow. We can modify your existing software or build a custom solution from scratch. Our team is particularly experienced in warehousing, distribution, and delivery environments, we bring contextual knowledge and can incorporate learnings from prior projects. This enables us to efficiently create practical and impactful custom program solutions.

Custom Application Design

Do you have a business process which would benefit from purpose-built software? CSSI can help by working with you to create a custom application unique for your company. Our development process: we begin with scoping work to ensure we understand your business drivers, project requirement, and goals, and then let our talented programming team create your solution.

Examples of prior custom programming engagements include:

  • Created and implemented a custom proof-of-delivery system for a manufacturer of high-value cabinetry – replacing a slow paper-based system with software and hardware enabling delivery drivers to document the condition of product upon delivery – accelerating invoicing and preventing unjustified customer quality claims.
  • Created and implemented a warehouse management system (WMS) including a native Android app customized for the unique needs of a sight-disabled workforce.
  • Built and implemented a quality-control system enabling the tracking of product samples through a critical testing process for a heavy industrial manufacturer.
  • Created and implemented a tracking system for a grower of grape vines required to maintain records tracking vine cuttings back to the root stock.
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Application Integration

Our typical client utilizes a number of different business applications for their day to day operations. It is common that these programs are not well integrated, creating data silos within the organization and raising the potential for time-wasting duplicate work and errors. CSSI can create API’s, or use existing application API’s to tie your apps together.

Examples of enterprise application integration by CSSI include:

  • Refining the inventory and fulfillment system for an ecommerce snacks company, tying warehouse operations together with back-end ecommerce systems in a heavily customized code environment.
  • Working with an industrial manufacturer on consolidation of enterprise applications (ERP systems) and data integration with an acquired firm, without ceasing operations.

Application Updates & Rewrites

Many companies utilities internal applications or utilities which were built long ago on technology platforms which are now nearing obsolescence. As a core competency, CSSI can refresh, update, or even rewrite these applications, porting them over from old code to a modern platform. We begin with a review of your business goals, specific requirements, and current code, and then work with you for a smooth software transition process.

Examples of application customization, updates & rewrites by the CSSI advanced programming team include:

  • Refinement and enhancement of an industrial company’s business system written entirely in Microsoft Access.
  • Data migration of a manufacturer subsidiary’s custom ERP system to the ERP used by the parent organization

SQL Database Consulting, Migration, and Administration

Are you finding that your SQL database is underperforming, or needs to be migrated to a new server? CSSI can help to optimize, troubleshoot, and configure your SQL database. Examples of past projects include:

  • Migration of a non-profit service provider’s business database from Microsoft Access to SQL, while continuing to use the Access front-end.
  • Migration of a bank’s reporting server from a legacy software application to Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

Options for engaging with CSSI:

  • Custom Application Design – Custom software applications are attainable when you work with an experienced team of professionals. CSSI will work with you to design and execute your entire project. We will assess your business needs and workflows, design a high-impact scope of work, and provide custom programming services on schedule.
  • Fractional Programmer – Have an ongoing need for custom programming or application integration, but not enough to justify hiring your own full-time resource? CSSI can pair you with a developer with suitable programming competencies for a pre-determined number of monthly hours. You get budget flexibility, and a talented resource who can make an immediate impact.
  • Ad Hoc Programming Services – Have occasional needs for custom programming services, but not enough to commit to a longer engagement? Engage CSSI as-needed. We’d love to speak with you about your needs.

CSSI Programming Competencies

CSSI’s dedicated team has extensive experience with a broad range of languages and custom software development frameworks. A partial list includes:

  • Languages: C#, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML, Python, Powershell, VB.NET, Java, VBA, Perl, TCL
  • Development Frameworks: ASP.Net, .NET Core, JQuery, Boostrap, Xamarin Android app development
  • Handheld Computer Specific: Android SDK’s, Enterprise Browsers, and Javascript Libraries (Zebra, Honeywell, & Panasonic), Ivanti Wavelink & Speakeasy
  • MS Dynamics: MS Dynamics GP eConnect

CSSI holds Microsoft Certified Professional status:

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