Telnet Screen Modernization

Improve User Productivity With TE / Telnet Screen Modernization

As a telnet (terminal emulation) user, your familiar green screen application has likely served you well over the years. However, there are drawbacks: mobile computers with non-intuitive use, difficult to read screens, longer training times, productivity-killing extra keystrokes, locks you into more expensive devices with large keypads (and smaller screens).

As part of your migration from a Windows to Android mobile device fleet, CSSI can demonstrate how we can quickly access your TE / green screen from a modern Android device using a terminal emulation application such as Wavelink. However – we recommend that you don’t stop there. The next step is to unlock value and productivity through TE / telnet screen modernization.

See the brief video below for a quick demonstration of the power of terminal emulation application modernization:

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Map your telnet logic and unlock value and ROI

Telnet screen modernization allows you to add many time-saving and error-reducing features. It works via special screen scraping software which can read the screen contents and present these in a more dynamic, colorful style familiar to users of Android devices — more importantly, your applications can take advantage of touch screen features and reduce (or eliminate) reliance on function keys and the keyboard in general.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Improve intuitive use by taking advantage of mobile device touchscreens
  • Reducing new employee training time through the adoption of more user-friendly interfaces
  • Employ custom keyboards to remove unecessary keys, and reduce steps and keystrokes
  • Use customized and color screens to improve screen readability and user ergonomics
  • Implement alternate language screens for non-English-speaking employees

CSSI can apply TE modernization technology to any mobile device on the Android operating system:

  • Requires no changes to back-end system – our screen modernization solution (the Velocity client) resides on mobile computers only
  • Work with CSSI to specify time-saving custom screens
  • CSSI will handle the heavy lifting and implement a solution which transforms your aged telnet client interface to a modern application

Easily Accommodate a Multi-Lingual Workforce

Many workforces employ workers who are not native english speakers. This leads to longer training time, more errors, and overall reduced productivity. Without changing your back-end systems, CSSI has the ability to offer users the ability to interact via telnet in the language of their choice (spanish, for example).

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