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Telnet Screen Modernization

As a telnet user, your green screen has likely served you well over the years. However, there are drawbacks: mobile computers with non-intuitive use, difficult to read screens, longer training times, productivity-killing extra keystrokes, locks you into more expensive devices with large keypads (and smaller screens).

Once you work with CSSI to access your green screen from a modern Android device, you can then proceed further to unlock value and productivity through screen modernization. See the brief video below for a quick demonstration:

Map your telnet logic and unlock value and ROI

  • Requires no changes to back-end system — our screen modernization solution resides on mobile devices only
  • Improving intuitive use
  • Reducing new employee training time
  • Reducing steps and keystrokes – improving worker productivity
  • Improved screen readability and ergonomics
  • Potential alternate language screens for non-English-speaking employees

Speak to CSSI today about your options and the potential benefits. Ready to take the next great leap forward in productivity? Explore what we can do for you with voice-directed picking.

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