CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™

Manage Android Mobile Assets Across the Device Lifecycle

Are you ready for the demands of keeping Android current across your fleet of mobile assets? Companies entering the world of Android mobile devices find that the Android operating system iterates more frequently than was historically experienced with Windows Mobile/CE. Companies which maintain effective device lifecycle management practices and a solid roadmap will find it easy to stay in sync and secure. That’s why we created CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™ – the mobile device experts at CSSI can manage your mobile assets for you.

Android moves fast. You need a plan to stay current.

CSSI Device Lifecycle Management ™ is a subscription-based program which dramatically reduces the workload on your internal IT team and helps you stay current on Android by leveraging CSSI’s Android and MDM expertise.

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How It Works

  • CSSI will work with you to create a standard device configuration
  • CSSI will utilize mobile device management(MDM) tools to ensure your mobile assets stay within the standard
  • New hardware deployment is easy — CSSI will pre-configure each new device so that it is ready to deploy upon receipt
  • CSSI will manage operating system and firmware upgrades, improving your device security
  • Device repair is less of a headache – hardware sent to the repair depot will return to you with correct firmware and device profile, ready for deployment to the end user.
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The Benefits To You Are Numerous

Device Lifecycle Management provides valuable benefits to your business:

  1. Reduces the workload on your internal IT staff
  2. Replace older devices and deploy new mobile computers more quickly – device procurement is simpler
  3. Eliminate the headache of reconfiguring devices which are returning from warranty repair – reduce device downtime and simplify reverse logistics
  4. Ensures that standard configurations are maintained across your fleet of mobile assets
  5. Improves enterprise device security – maintain current firmware, adopt security patches quickly, and provide only necessary permissions to each end user
  6. Receive roadmap and security updates from the team at CSSI
CSSI Device Lifecycle Management Program
Professional Services
Technical Customer Support (M-F 8A-5P EST) and Professional ServicesUnlimited75 hrs/3 yr termHourly billing
Comprehensive Pre-Sale Proof of ConceptYYY
Semi Annual Business ReviewY
Android Best Practices GuidanceYYY
Security Bulletins (Zebra, Honeywell, Google and CSSI)YYY
Android OS Updates
Update frequency1 annual major update + 1 minor update1 annual major update1 annual major update
Build SOTI MobiControl Cloud Packages, Rules and ProfilesYYY
Pre-testing of pending firmware upgrades YYY
Customer and CSSI collaborate to test and approve firmware upgradeYYY
Remote Deployment of Firmware to Device Fleet YUtilizes pre-paid plan hrsHourly billing
Out of Cycle Emergency PatchYYY
Device Provisioning and Post-Repair Reprovisioning
MobiControl Device Deployment ConfigurationYYY
Device Deployment Provisioning
(Firmware, Software, Security, Updates)
Reprovisioning of devices returning from repair depotYYY
Freight for initial device deploymentYY
Freight for devices returning from repair depotYY
Device Deployment Provisioning
(Firmware, Software, Security, Updates)
Reprovisioning of devices returning from repair depotYYY
Freight for initial device deploymentYY
Freight for devices returning from repair depotYY

Discuss Lifecycle Management With CSSI Today

This program sharply reduces the time and expertise required for your internal IT team to manage your device configurations and patching policies. Once your team has approved the device management workflows, you will simply use SOTI MobiControl Console (MDM) to move your devices to the appropriate management profile to finalize device configuration.

Not sure you need all of the elements in our program? Check out CSSI’s Device Provisioning program, which is limited to services providing pre-configuration of new devices prior to arrival at your facility.

Ready to learn more about CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™? Complete the form at right, or call CSSI at 570-524-4424.

CSSI Device Lifecycle Management

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