CSSI Android Device Provisioning

Helping You Deploy & Maintain Your Android Device Fleet

Do you struggle with your IT team’s ability to efficiently deploy new Android enterprise mobile computers in a timely manner? CSSI is here to help with our device provisioning service for rugged Android mobile computers .

Device Provisioning was inspired following our creation of CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™ , a program in which we offer total deployment, device management, enrollment, support, and OS updates. We find that some companies have lower quantities of devices which do not make that program cost-effective. Also, some companies are not ready to adopt MDM (mobile device management).

For that reason, we created our Device Provisioning service, which eliminates elements of the Lifecycle Management program that may not be needed by some companies.

Deploy new Android devices faster with CSSI’s device provisioning support.

CSSI Device Provisioning is a subscription-based program which provides several time-saving benefits for your organization – it’s zero touch provisioning to enroll devices for your team!:

  • CSSI will work with you to configure your Android device policy and a standard Android enterprise device configuration
  • All mobile computers you purchase will be routed through CSSI, where they will be setup to meet your standard:
  • Enrolling devices in MDM
  • Installing any specified APK or app
  • Ensuring devices have proper firmware versions if they have been factory reset
  • Each fully managed device will arrive at your facility ready to deploy out of the box, with proper mobile security
  • Devices returned for warranty repair will also return to you with correct firmware and configured for your immediate use.

This program eliminates the time your IT team spends provisioning devices, and ensures that proper Android device policy is followed within your fleet of devices. A great plan and a low-touch provisioning method will result in time saved by your team, and improved security.

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