Why Choose CSSI For Mobile Computing, Barcoding & RFID?
CSSI will help you to accelerate your project and achieve exceptional productivity gains. We provide industry and technological expertise, as well as real-world application experience.
How We Can Help

In a world where our customers have many choices, CSSI consistently maintains excellent customer relationships across many years and technology refresh cycles. Why?

Our value proposition to you is threefold:

  1. We understand warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and transportation/logistics.
    We add value from day one — CSSI has years of experience implementing solutions in businesses just like yours. Our knowledgeable consultants have been in your seat, and bring to your business best practices and cutting edge breakthroughs gathered elsewhere. To borrow a phrase from hockey great Wayne Gretzky, we can help ‘skate to where the puck is going. A significant portion of our barcoding and programming business falls within warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and transportation & logistics.
  2. We are experts in the technologies we represent
    Technology changes fast. It is difficult for in-house IT teams to stay abreast of everything happening out in the market. We are heavily invested in staying current, and get deep into the weeds so you don’t have to. Our consultants will help guide you to the right solution the first time.We are certified partners for all of the major providers of enterprise mobile computers and data acquisition technology.
  3. We are customer-focused, and will partner with you for success
    We invest time and effort in your business – we aren’t just interested in selling hardware and moving on. CSSI’s consultants will work with you to understand your needs and will provide guidance on your optimal path forward. We stay available post-implementation to ensure that you are achieving desired outcomes.

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