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Rugged Tablet PCs
Dependable and powerful rugged tablets which can meet mobility demands in harsh environments

CSSI Technologies works with multiple vendors of ultra rugged tablet PCs to be able to offer you a best in class solution for challenging use mobile computing use cases, such as extreme temperatures and tough environments. Whether you need an Android tablet or full-blown Windows tablet, and whether the tablet PC is to be hand-held or vehicle mounted, we have solutions from best-of-breed rugged computer providers.

Key factors in selecting rugged tablet PCs include:

  • OS: Android or Windows?
  • Optimal screen size?
  • Vehicle or fork truck-mounted?
  • Barcode scanner required?
  • Camera required?
  • Wireless communication: Wi-fi-only or data plan?
  • Battery life requirement?
zebra rugged tablet portfolio
A selection of rugged Android tablets from Zebra Technologies

CSSI Works With You To Specify the Right Rugged Tablet PC

Ruggedized tablets are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, dirt and dust, vibration, and drops in harsh environments which would destroy a less durable device. No need to sacrifice team productivity when they are equipped with the right device for the application.

CSSI will work with you through the specification process, and as your technology partner, will ensure prior to rugged tablet computer purchase that you have the optimal product. CSSI also offers a range of services essential to a successful implementation: custom programming services, Windows to Android migration, telnet screen modernization, wi-fi survey, wireless plans, and site assessment.

Forklift Mounted Computers

CSSI is an expert in the use of rugged, forklift-mounted computers, also referred to as vehicle-mounted. We supply leading products in the forklift space, specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of the industrial environment. CSSI will work with you to mount and acquire power for these units, and will assist you in integrating the tablet with your back-end system.

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