Mobile Device Management

Enterprise Mobility Management with SOTI MobiControl

How does your organization track, secure, and update a growing and far-flung number of mobile devices? How do you ensure users have access to tools they need for the job, but don’t have access to potential security threats and time-wasters? How do you keep devices updated and organized? With mobile device management (MDM software) , it is possible to control all your mobile assets from a single ‘pane of glass’.

CSSI recommends SOTI MobiControl, a powerful mobile device management tool which handles all of your rugged mobile devices. The primary benefits of an MDM solution include:

  • Create a standard mobile configuration, simplifying both user support and new user training
  • Improve device mobile security by limiting access to unnecessary app types or functionality
  • Save time by enabling device remote control and remote upgrades
  • One pane of glass — control and remote access your entire mobile device fleet from one computer screen – perfect for multiple-locations
  • Utilize CSSI’s Device Lifecycle Management program to wholly unburden your IT team from rugged device support
Soti Mobicontrol MDM software
One screen control of device fleet with SOTI MobiControl MDM

Uses for mobile device management include:

  • Easily perform device enrollment and provision new devices with approved applications
  • Lock devices in ‘kiosk mode’, with only specified apps available / block app store access
  • Prevent access to non-approved applications and sites
  • Schedule and perform updates and patches remotely
  • Track devices to identify location
  • Geo-fence devices to automatically lock down in case or removal from approved areas
  • Lock down stolen or missing devices
  • Use to manage any operating system – android devices, apple devices, and windows devices

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Utilize SOTI MobiControl mobile device management software for mobile computers , tablets , printers , and more. MDM will enhance the security and control within your business as well as improve IT team productivity. Contact CSSI today to discuss MDM and learn about our professional services and mobile device management solution.

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