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Rugged Mobile Computers
Rugged handheld computers put critical data in the hands of your front-line workers.

CSSI Technologies offers a complete line of rugged mobile computers suitable for a range of demanding applications and usage environments — inventory management, receiving and put-away, shipping, field service, and more. The typical consumer device won’t cut it. Get it right the first time by working with the mobile device experts at CSSI to select the right mobility product to maximize worker productivity and provide years of use.

Key Factors When Selecting Rugged Mobile Computers

There are numerous key factors to be considered in selecting the ideal rugged handheld computer. Some factors will include:

  • What computer form factor and screen size does your enterprise require? Rugged tablet PC, handheld device, smartphone, rugged laptop?
  • What operating system should you choose?: Android or Windows? (Note Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded OS’s have been discontinued and are no longer supported by Microsoft).
  • Touch only, keypad, or full keyboard needed?
  • Is a barcode scanner required – 2D/3D? Long- or short-range scanning?
  • Do you need an RFID reader?
  • Is a camera required?
  • Wi-fi-only or data plan for field workers?

Special Solutions for Harsh Environments

Are your rugged mobile devices subject to harsh environments or extreme temperatures? There are handheld computers with varying grades of ruggedness – your CSSI mobility expert can work with you to select the optimal rugged device for each mobile worker application.

Do you require intrinsically safe or non-incendive rugged mobile devices in your use environment? CSSI can help with specialized Class I, Div 1, Class I, Div 2, and ATEX / IECEx certified devices. Click here to learn more about intrinsically safe handheld mobile computers.

Uncompromising Mobility for Cold Storage
Rugged Mobile Computers and Tablet PC for any use case

CSSI Mobile Computing Experts Support You

CSSI will work with you through the mobile computer specification process, and as your technology partner, will ensure prior to purchase that you have the optimal product. CSSI offers a number of relevant services to ensure a successful project for you: site assessment , wi-fi survey and installation, Windows to Android migration support, implementation of voice direction, and more. We also offer custom programming services to create unique applications perfectly fit to your processes.

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