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Voice-Enabled Devices

For high-speed / high-frequency picking operations, introducing voice functionality to your mobile computers produces significant productivity gains. Studies show consistent, significant impact to both picking accuracy and productivity with the adoption of voice-enabled devices:

87% of companies gain at least 10% improvement in picking accuracy with voice-enabled devices.
89% of companies achieve at least a 10% improvement in worker productivity with voice-enabled devices.

It’s no wonder then that use of Voice tools is rapidly increasing. By 2020, over 60% of warehouses are projected to utilize Voice direction.

Adoption of voice-enabled devices is rapidly rising.

Historically, Voice has been expensive and time-consuming to implement, leaving it only to larger, deep-pocketed operations. However, today Voice is within reach of most every warehouse operation. CSSI Technologies can make it real for you on a timeline not possible until recently.

Voice will typically result in higher worker productivity due to its inherent benefits:

  • Improved pick frequency
  • Less wasted motion and travel
  • Higher pick accuracy
  • Faster training for new workers
  • Potential customization for non-English speakers

If you intend to migrate telnet devices from Windows to Android, or if you intend to modernize your telnet screens for touch, the adoption of voice capability is a logical and highly attainable next step.

Ready to explore the massive productivity boost which results from Voice-enabled devices? Speak to CSSI today to learn more about your options.

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