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Windows to Android Migration

As the end of Windows Mobile rapidly approaches, is your migration to Android mobile devices challenged by a legacy telnet “green screen”, or by native Windows apps? Good news – CSSI Technologies can help you with your Windows to Android migration. And by moving to Android, you gain the ability to take advantage of rugged mobile computers with a host of new and improved features… larger screens, longer battery life, improved scanners and cameras, more processing power, etc.

Telnet – the “green screen”

If you are using telnet, your existing back end system does not need to change in order to adopt Android. We have expertise in rapid migration tools which allow us to port your green screen to Android… no changes necessary. (Of course, we also recommend modernizing that green screen).

Native Windows Applications

If you run native Windows apps on your mobile devices, CSSI’s team of custom programmers can work with you to rewrite your apps for Android. We have significant experience in developing for Android and are available to discuss your project.

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