RFID technology introduces your business to new levels of supply chain productivity and inventory visibility

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Are you ready to adopt RFID technology to gain efficiency and a competitive edge? CSSI Technologies can guide you through your RFID project, from assessment to solution design to implementation. With CSSI, your project begins with an assessment of your usage case to ensure that RFID tracking is the right fit. From there, we will work with you to design an RFID solution and will guide you through implementation.

We will take time with the most important part of the project, the selection of the correct RFID tag – the selection of a passive RFID tag or active RFID tags is a critical first step in later project success. Similarly, specifying the best RFID reader and RFID antenna will be important to ensure reliable readability. Finally, software – the RFID application (or ‘middleware’) is a key component which ties the system together.

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CSSI Is An Experienced RFID Partner For Your Project

The suitability of RFID technology for your challenge depends on both your use case and the environment & items to be tracked. As such, it’s important to work with an experienced RFID consulting partner like CSSI Technologies – we can guide you through the pitfalls and help identify the best solution. We will work with you to create an RFID pilot project in order to ensure that you can attain the expected results, even providing custom RFID software services . After implementation, we are there to help you with ongoing technical support.

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Some of the great applications for radio frequency identification include inventory management, asset tracking, and real-time locationing (RTLS) . RFID has the potential to produce incredible results, when deployed for the right workflow… a great RFID solution partner can help you get it right.

Start your RFID solution by contacting CSSI. One of our experienced RFID team members will discuss your business problem and opportunity, and will work with you to determine next steps.

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