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Dependable and powerful rugged tablet PCs which can meet mobility demands in harsh environments

Tablet PC Expertise & Support

CSSI Technologies works with multiple vendors of ultra rugged tablet PCs to be able to offer you a best in class solution for challenging use mobile computing use cases, such as extreme temperatures and tough environments. Whether you need a tablet running the Android or Windows operating system, and whether the tablet PC is to be hand-held or vehicle mounted, we have solutions from best-of-breed rugged industrial computer providers.

Applications for Rugged Tablet PCs

For some mobile computing use cases, a handheld computer is insufficient. Tablet PCs can offer a larger touch screen size and the ability to integrate peripherals (keyboard, barcode scanner, mobile printer). We offer tablet computers running either Windows or Android, and models are available as wifi-only or equipped with a data plan for complete mobile flexibility. Docking stations are available to securely mount the tablet on vehicles such as forklifts (see vehicle-mounted computers).

CSSI Works With You To Specify the Right Rugged Tablet PC

Ruggedized tablets are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, dirt and dust, vibration, and drops in harsh environments which would destroy a less durable device. No need to sacrifice team productivity when they are equipped with the right device for the application.

CSSI will work with you through the specification process, and as your technology partner, will ensure prior to rugged tablet computer purchase that you have the optimal product. CSSI also offers a range of services essential to a successful implementation: custom programming services, Windows to Android migration , telnet screen modernization , wireless /” target=”_blank”>wi-fi survey, wireless plans, and site assessment .

CSSI Supports Your Tablet PCs With Mobile Device Management Services

What is your plan for ongoing support, security patches, and upgrades? Android offers frequent updates which can be challenging to implement without a solid plan. CSSI specializes in mobile device management software , which allows changes to be pushed to a remote fleet of devices. While we can support and augment your use of MDM , we can also take over the entire function with our Device Lifecycle Management program. With this service, CSSI will push regular updates to your mobile devices, after testing and evaluating the impact on your software.

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