AMRs – Autonomous Mobile Robots
Accelerate Warehouse Automation with Mobile Industrial Robots

AMRs Revolutionize Material Handling Productivity

Business face challenges meeting ever-shrinking order cycle time, greater order and picking complexity, and rising supply chain accuracy requirements, all against the backdrop of rising wage costs and staff hiring challenges. For many, this has fueled rising interest in AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) to surpass these barriers with warehouse automation.

Driven by rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI), imaging & mapping, industrial robot safety, and control software, along with a broad variety of useful form factors, there is an AMR solution today which can improve productivity in your warehouse, manufacturing and fulfillment centers. CSSI Technologies is ready to support your evaluation and integration of an autonomous robot which will revolutionize your material handling operations.

CSSI Offers Solutions From Top AMR Providers

CSSI has researched the autonomous mobile robot market to bring you reliable and versatile solutions. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and match you with the ideal AMR for your business. We will be there to assist you in planning, deployment, and ongoing trouble-shooting, keeping your facility up and running.

Zebra Fetch Robotics MiR Mobile Industrial Robots
Fetch Robotics offers AMRs handling workflows ranging from material movement to RFID inventory tracking. An innovative Robots as a Service (RaaS) model gets you started fast without significant capex outlay.
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Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) brings autonomous robot expertise to internal logistics workflows, coordinated by powerful MiR Fleet software. A broad line of 'top modules' enables a variety of AMR functionality.
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Excellent Use Cases For Autonomous Mobile Robots

As you consider the implementation of Autonomous Mobile Robots in your warehouse, manufacturing, or fulfillment operation, we recommend that you think about specific use cases within your operation where autonomous material movement would solve the biggest problems. Common use cases for AMRs in the warehouse or production facility include:

Pallet transfersProduction line feeding & workcell deliveryRecycling & waste removal
Cross-dockingRFID cycle countingOrder picking
ReplenishmentStorage carousel transportTransfer goods between lines (virtual conveyor)
Lineside deliveryEnd-of-line to shippingPutaway

Benefits of Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Warehouse robots are fast to implement, with rapid supply chain ROI
  • Eliminates wasteful employee travel, improving your workers’ output
  • Accelerates material movement and inventory accuracy
  • Scalable – add AMRs as your workload grows
  • Flexible and adaptable – simply update software to assign a new task
  • Perfect for multi-shift operations
  • Unlike an automated guided vehicle (AGV), and AMR requires no tracks or floor markings to operate
  • Safe! Layers of technology for obstacle detection and rapidly advancing automation technology enable Autonomous Mobile Robots to safely intermingle with employees.

Implementing Autonomous Mobile Robots – What To Expect?

CSSI will work closely with you to understand the unique material movement challenges which you are trying to solve. Our team will educate you on your best options, and help you to determine your expected return on investment. We will assess your environment to identify any potential factors which will impact your autonomous mobile robot success so that these can be addressed. We will specify and implement an industrial mobile robot solution which meets or exceeds your expectations, and starts you off successfully on the autonomous journey.

Just as importantly, we will work with you post-sale to ensure the ongoing success of your autonomous mobile robot implementation, ensuring that you receive sufficient technical support and training.

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