Spare Pool Management

CSSI Services To Manage Your Spare Mobile Devices & Printers

If mobile device or printer downtime presents a challenge to your business operations, it makes sense to maintain a pool of ready-to-deploy devices which can be put into production quickly whenever you have a device fail. Management of a spare pool can be challenging if you lack sufficient staff and resources to do so.

CSSI offers spare pool management services, through which we maintain your pre-provisioned spares in our location, and ship to your facility whenever a device goes down. This keeps your downtime to a minimum. Further, when damaged devices are returned from the repair depot, they are received in our facility and placed into the spare pool for your future use.

CSSI management of your spare pool may make sense if:

  • You lack the internal resources to track and manage your spare pool devices
  • You operate facilities in multiple locations and would like to maintain one spare pool
  • You are interested in CSSI’s device support and deployment services

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Please contact the CSSI team to discuss spare pools and how we can help manage your devices.

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