Warehousing Technology For Warehouse & Distribution
Warehousing & Distribution
CSSI provides solutions to increase productivity and efficiency to meet the demands of the challenging world of and warehousing and distribution.
Warehousing Technology Drives Productivity

Increasingly, the competitive edge of a business lies in the efficiency and capabilities of its warehousing and distribution operations. Warehouse managers are under constant pressure to move product faster, with fewer human resources, greater accuracy, and more variation. At the same time, inventory levels must be balanced to ensure neither loss of sales nor excess stock. A solid warehouse management system is important, as is accompanying technologies to empower front-line workers.

Warehouses are getting bigger, bringing more SKUs and challenges. At the same time, while warehouse operators may have high turnover or seasonality, the warehouse manager must bring new workers up to speed faster than ever in order to meet business requirements. That requires tech supply chain tools which are easy to learn:

Warehouse Technology Solutions

CSSI Technologies provides solutions for warehouse and inventory management, picking, fulfillment, putaway, cycle counting, and more. Some of our pertinent warehouse technologies which may be applicable to your business include:

The Future of Warehouse Technology

Zebra Technologies, the industry leader in smart technology for the supply chain and warehouse operation, conducted a 2019 survey of warehouse business leaders. (See the 2019 Warehousing Vision Study). This research revealed several common themes:

  • 60% viewed warehouse worker availability and expense as a top challenge
  • 61% expect a rising adoption of warehouse automation and the rise of the smart warehouse
  • Half of respondents saw customer demand for end-customer delivery as a primary factor in growth plans

It seems clear that smart warehouses are a key part of future competitiveness. Companies need to be investing in smart warehousing, warehouse robotics, and better-trained warehouse employees capable of working in this future distribution center environment.