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2027 Zebra Warehouse Vision Study – Free Download
Where are warehouse industry leaders planning to make operational investments?

Warehouse Operations Leaders Provide Insights on Trends & Future Plans

Zebra Technologies is back with a timely update to its 2019 Warehouse Vision Study! The new Warehouse Vision Study is the result of survey of warehousing execs and decision makers worldwide, who were asked about their investment plans and expectations between 2022 and 2027. We are happy to present the Vision Study as a free download (see below).

Warehouse Vision Study Key Takeaways

  1. Challenges in the marketplace have created a catalyst for positive change: Covid, supply chain shortages, difficult in attracting staff. These have all created major headaches for business. However, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, and thus these crises have pushed warehouses to adapt and improve… adopting technology, creating more flexible work environments, and rethinking supply chains for more future robustness.
  2. Clarity on the most significant warehouse challenges: Shipping volumes are up (>20%), rising e-commerce activity creates unpredictable customer demand and faster delivery expectations, and returns management and fulfillment are challenging execs.
  3. Presentation of the 5-year warehouse operations outlook: Eliminating unnecessary tasks is a priority, and there is an intention to improve labor optimization with mobile technology and automation solutions such as robotics. There is a strong trend towards facility automation (over 30% intend to be fully or partially automated in 5 years).

Some of the Warehouse Vision Study Revelations

  • What are decision-makers’ top 3 challenges due to increased e-commerce?
  • How are labor constraints impacting warehouses?
  • What are the common outbound fulfillment challenges?
  • Where are your warehouse peers planning to invest next?
  • What are the expectations around automation & robotics?

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