Cold Storage
Cold storage and food handling have no room for errors. CSSI empowers you with automated solutions built to thrive in the ice.
Chill, CSSI has all You Need to Handle Cold Storage

Conquer the ice with freezer-grade technology - built for speed, accuracy, and maximum productivity.

The Basics of Efficient Cold Storage
41 Degrees or Less for Cold Storage
Cold storage and food handling have no room for errors. In an industry where one temperature mistake can impact the whole supply chain, CSSI empowers you with automated solutions built to thrive in the ice.

• Improve Productivity and
Throughout with Zebra
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Uncompromising Mobility for Cold Storage
While your inventory may not handle extreme temperature swings in your cold storage facility or refrigerated warehouse, the same shouldn't be said of your technology. Ensure unbroken warehouse uptime with hardware that withstands harsh environments effortlessly.

• Optimizing Operational Efficiencies
with Mobile Solutions Designed for
Cold Storage
Faster Processing within Cold Storage
In an age of increasing customer demands,
your technology should be devoted to
upholding maximum speed in addition
to accuracy.

• A Faster Delivery Future
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Technology Fit for the Cold

The MC9300 – A New Generation of Mobile Computing

Capture your competitive edge with the freezer-ready MC9300 that doesn’t shy away from a challenge and further augment warehouse mobility with the most durable line of handheld devices.

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This is the Power of Zebra’s Rugged Tablets

To catch the full picture of your entire workflow, Zebra’s L10 Rugged Tablets maximize operational visibility at the palm of your hands.

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Meet the Scanner Made for the Cold

There’s “rugged”, and then there’s “ultra-rugged”. Experience the difference with Zebra’s 3600 Scanners and empower your workforce with the latest breakthrough in data-capture technology.

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It’s More than a Label
Certified for Business Cold Storage Video
Zebra’s Certified Printing Supplies are
thoroughly tested to survive extreme
temperatures during the moment of
application and beyond.
Customize it Your Way Cold Storage Video
When it comes to unique applications,
don’t settle for less. Zebra’s custom labels
are designed by you to work for you.
Don't Forget RFID Cold Storage Video
Revolutionizing tracking systems worldwide,
RFID technology minimizes expenses while
amplifying cold storage visibility in real-time.

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