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Do the right people in your organization have access to the data they need to make great decisions? Power BI report and dashboard software is a powerful asset in providing and distributing analytics to your team. Business intelligence is increasingly the difference maker for competitive businesses. Without actionable insights, you might be flying blind when making decisions.

The Power BI Solution: Accessible Data Analytics

As a Microsoft Power BI consultant, CSSI Technologies is skilled Power BI development of analytics and reporting dashboards. This is a tool which enables data visualization, and places powerful interactive reports within the reach of technical as well as non-technical users.

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Some of the benefits of Power BI include:

  • The Power BI platform allows data from multiple data sources to be combined and reported against.
  • Report parameters can be easily adjusted and customized by users, and information can be proactively pushed to the right people.
  • Interactive dashboards provide insights and immediate access to the most business critical data. You can build the Power BI dashboard to suit your needs.
  • Compelling visualizations can make complex data accessible to a broad group of users.
  • Export data to Excel spreadsheet.
  • Access and view reports on your mobile device with the Power BI mobile app.

CSSI Can Support Other Reporting Tools Too

CSSI’s Power BI consulting can include report design, creation of BI strategy, data integration, design of data warehouse, SQL server optimization, and training.

But what if you don’t use Power BI? CSSI can also support Crystal Reports, SSRS, GP management reporter, and custom-designed reports.

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