Barcode Scanners
Built for demanding manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and healthcare environments, barcode scanners offer simple yet powerful scanning for day-to-day operations.

CSSI Sells and Supports Handheld Barcode Scanners

CSSI offers handheld scanner options from top brands such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, and Datalog, which have been designed for demanding manufacturing and warehousing environments. Bar code scanner operations must be fast and reliable to support your day-to-day operations. We offer handheld scanners which provide rapid scans of a broad range of barcode symbologies or formats. A wireless barcode reader can improve productivity by untethering your workers from their workstations. From retail-ready high scan intensity scanners to rugged warehouse scanners, CSSI has a variety of hand-held scanning solutions to meet your business needs and will work with you to select the right barcode scanner. We also offer handheld computers and tablet PCs with integrated barcode scanners.

Types of Barcode Scanners
Industrial barcode scanners
corded barcode scanner
Corded barcode scanners
Cordless barcode scanner
Cordless barcode scanners
wearable barcode scanner
Wearable barcode scanners
healthcare barcode scanner
Healthcare barcode scanners
fixed barcode scanner
Fixed mount barcode scanners

Barcode Scanner Applications & Use Cases

  • Inventory management – use barcode readers in concert with your warehouse management or inventory software to improve accuracy
  • Inventory receiving and putaway – ensure that the right goods find their way to the right warehouse position with barcoded inventory and shelf positions
  • Picking and shipping – reduce pick and ship errors by validating that the right product has been selected
  • Tool crib and asset tracking – keep track of who tracks out key items
  • Job or time tracking on the manufacturing floor – barcoded job travelers improve accuracy in time tracking and ensure that work orders are correctly routed
  • Retail shelf stocking and check-out – ensure your view of inventory is accurate, and reduce pricing errors
  • Healthcare patient ID wristbands – reduce errors and improve the accuracy of patient records

Working with CSSI

CSSI offers of years of expertise in the deployment and technical support of data capture equipment in a broad variety of environments. In addition to handheld scanners, we also support all the key AIDC technologies involved, such as mobile computers, label printers, barcode software, and reliable print media and labels . CSSI will work with you to select the optimal barcode scanner and support the implementation of your project.

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