MiR: Mobile Industrial Robots
AMR solutions accommodating a broad variety of workflows and tasks

MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots for Internal Logistics

As you begin your adoption of autonomous mobile robots , it’s important to select a product line which will grow with you as your needs expand and change. Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) has the technology, autonomous mobile robot expertise, and support network to be such a supplier.

MiR offers a core product line of ‘base’ AMRs, which are combined with a broad variety of ‘top modules’ to enable desired functionality for internal transport of items. MiR’s AMR management software is easy to use – you can have a robot deployed in just minutes, depending on the size of your facility. If you are deploying a quantity of robots in the same warehouse or manufacturing facility, MiR’s Fleet software will coordinate the movement of AMRs to maximize efficiency.

Meet the MiR Family of Autonomous Mobile Robots

MiR100 AMR
MiR100 AMR
This MiR robot is iIdeal for transport of smaller items such as carts or light racks.
• Carries loads up to 220 lbs.
• Clean room certified.
• 35 in. x 22.8 in.
MiR250 AMR
MiR250 AMR
Best-selling AMR - faster, safer, and more agile than other comparable products.
• Carries a payload up to 550 lbs.
• Drives through doors as narrow as 31.5 in.
• 31.4 in. x 22.8 in.
MiR600 AMR
MiR600 AMR
Moves pallets and heavy loads, replaces forklifts and pallet jacks.
• Carries loads up to 1,320 lbs.
• IP52 rated, withstands dust particles and water drops.
• 53.1 in. x 35.8 in.
MiR1350 AMR
MiR1350 AMR
MiR's heaviest-duty autonomous mobile robot, ready for large pallets and a high payload.
• Moves loads up to 2,976 lbs.
• IP52 rated, withstands dust particles and water drops.
• 53.1 in. x 35.8 in.

About MiR

Since 2013, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) has been on the leading edge of research and development for autonomous robots. From its original location in Denmark, MiR is now the leading manufacturer of AMRs, with offices on every continent and with almost 10,000 advanced mobile robots robots deployed as of 2022.

MiR was founded to improve the automation of internal logistics. Traditionally, the internal transportation of materials is manual via forklift or pallet jack, or through complex fixed conveyor systems. MiR’s products help to achieve a vision of safe, efficient, and agile material handling with minimal human involvement by customers.

CSSI is pleased to offer MiR AMRs. We think that you will be impressed with MiR’s innovative AI, safety, and ability to accommodate a wide variety of work tasks.

Extending AMR Functionality With MiR Top Modules

A major advantage of the MiR product family is the extensive catalog of ‘top modules’ which are available. Top modules attach to the top of the base MiR robot, adding functionality (pallet lift, tow hook, etc.). There are a range of modules available from MiR, as well as a larger and ever-growing number of modules available from third parties. This means that you can find a way to accomplish an extremely broad range of tasks with the MiR robots. For example, the popular MiR Hook converts the AMR to a ‘tugger,’ enabling you to continue to use your existing carts. If you have a unique requirement, speak to CSSI… we can help you by researching the universe of available functional modules, and even design a unique solution for you.

MiR top module - shelf carrier
Shelf Carrier Top Module
Enables a MiR autonomous mobile robot to collect and deliver carts and shelves.
MiR top module - pallet rack
Pallet Lift Top Module
Pick up and drop off pallets at designated stations with your MiR robot.
MiR top module - hook
MiR Hook Top Module
Convert your robots to AMR tuggers, able to tow loads. Use with your existing carts!

MiR AMR Safety & Navigation Features

Safety is critical for AMRs operating in industrial environments with heavy loads and in proximity with your team. MiR robots are designed with complementary and redundant safety features to ensure safe operation around your human workers. MiR’s multi-sensor system feeds data into an advanced planning algorithm which lets the robot know where it is driving, and decides when the path must be adjusted (or progress halted) to avoid obstacles. In addition to the on-board sensors, MiR’s software allows you to specify preferred and no-go zones, and even modify AMR speed and safety buffer to accommodate your unique operating environment.

Dual-laser scanner
The most advanced dual-laser scanner approach to navigate and live-detect obstacles
MiR AMR 3D cameras
3D Cameras
Two 3D cameras ensure robot always sees obstacles in its path
MiR AMR Proximity Sensors
24 Proximity sensors
24 proximity sensors for empty pallet and feet detection

MiR Fleet Software

MiR’s Fleet software package optimizes deployments of multiple robots, coordinating their actions and maximizing productivity in dynamic environments.

  • Handles up to 100 robots per site
  • Automatic prioritization and selection of MiR robot best suited for the task
  • Plans the use of various MiR top modules
  • Available as a cloud or physical PC solution
  • Integrates with your ERP, WMS, and PLCs via REST API

MiR Fleet software for AMR management

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