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MiR250 AMR
Small footprint robot with impressive load-bearing capability

Your Robotic Internal Logistics Workhorse

The MiR250 is the best selling robot from Mobile Industrial Robots. There’s a reason – it is faster, safer, and more agile than any other solution in its category. Combining a compact size with the ability to carry loads up to 551 lbs., the MiR250 is a go-to solution for most jobs hauling non-pallet loads. Plus, it’s easy to deploy.

MiR250 AMR

Why Choose the MiR250

The MiR250 is ideal for medium-sized loads (up to 551 lbs). Quickly deploy with MiR’s easy-to-use software (and CSSI’s assistance). As long as your facility meets basic requirements for wireless and floor conditions, it’s easy to get started assigning tasks. This unit is great for narrower passageways, as it can navigate doors as narrow as 31.5 inches. Need to minimize downtime? The MiR250 charges fast – just 10 minutes of charge will provide 2 hours and 40 minutes of runtime!

MiR250 Applications

The MiR250 can reliably tackle a wide range of value-adding tasks when combined with the broad selection of MiR top modules. If your needs change over time, just attach a different top module in order to alter functionality. Some of the many workflows you can tackle are:

  • Transfer of goods between production lines (virtual conveyor)
  • Parts-to-line
  • Kitting & order picking
  • Replenishment
  • End-of-line to shipping/staging

MiR250 AMR Features

  • Carries loads up to 551 lbs
  • 13 hours of battery run-time. Just 10 minute charging gives 2 hr 40 minutes of runtime.
  • Safely maneuvers around people and obstacles.
  • User-friendly MiR software interface
  • Add optional MiR Fleet to coordinate deployments of multiple units
  • Easy serviceability
  • 31.5 in. x 22.8 in.

MiR250 Safety Features

Redundant safety features are included on every MiR AMR.

MiR AMR safety - dual-laser scanner
Dual-Laser Scanner
The most advanced dual-laser scanner approach to navigate and live-detect obstacles.
MiR AMR safety - 3D Cameras
3D Cameras
Two 3D cameras ensure robot always sees obstacles in its path.
MiR AMR safety - proximity sensors24 Proximity Sensors
24 proximity sensors for empty pallet and feet detection.

Learn More About the MiR250 AMR

To set up your demo of the MiR250, please contact CSSI or complete the form at right. We will work with you to understand your goals and requirements and will present an optimal AMR solution.

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