SOTI Mobile Device Management

CSSI Supports SOTI MDM Software

If you are an IT professional managing and provisioning many mobile devices, or if you are managing mobile devices spread across multiple locations, then you will likely benefit from an MDM tool. CSSI recommends the SOTI MDM solution for mobile device management.

Why Mobile Device Management?

SOTI MobiControl greatly simplifies mobility management. It enables you to secure and manage employee devices through a ‘single pane of glass’ interface – even if your devices are in varying form factors and from various manufacturers.

SOTI MobiControl is the proven leader at managing devices used in industries as diverse as warehousing, manufacturing, transport, logistics, field service, and more. The SOTI app saves time for IT pros with a mobile workforce. It enables a higher level of security and control of the organization’s mobile devices.

SOTI Mobicontrol

The SOTI One enterprise mobility management platform offers you a range of tools which will help you to improve security, reduce risk, and save time and effort managing far-flung mobile worker devices.

Just a few of the benefits of SOTI mobile device management solution include:

  • Creation and enforcement of a common mobile device configuration
  • Simplified device enrollment and deployment of new mobile devices – provision devices in much less time, with total control
  • Improved mobile security and less wasted time – lock users out of an unnecessary app (such as YouTube)
  • Lockdown screens to control and simplify training – curate the mobile content available to users
  • Geofencing and alert triggers when devices roam outside accepted borders
SOTI Mobile Device Management

CSSI Implements and Manages SOTI Mobile Device Management

For a demo of the SOTI MDM solution, and to learn more about how CSSI can help you to implement SOTI mobile device management software and manage it for the entire lifecycle of your handhelds, please contact us.

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