Custom Proof of Delivery Software For Cabinet Manufacturer

Creating a Custom Proof of Delivery Software Application

Wood Mode, a Pennsylvania manufacturer of high-end kitchen and bathroom cabinets, had a challenge in its delivery operation… paperwork from deliveries was slow to be entered into the system, prone to errors, and opened the door to unjustified shipping damage claims. CSSI Technologies worked with Wood Mode to create an electronic proof of delivery application… transforming its paper-based delivery document process to a fully digital system running as a mobile app on a rugged mobile device, complete with automatic data capture via barcode, digital signature capture, and photo capture to document the condition of delivered goods.

See the video here for the custom proof of delivery software solution:

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CSSI’s engagement with Wood Mode began with robust delivery process mapping and consulting to understand the business’s pain points. CSSI’s team of programmers worked hand-in-hand with Wood Mode employees to create plans for a winning solution.

This solution could not have been easier with CSSI.” – Brian K., Distribution Manager

Highlights of CSSI’s Proof of Delivery App Include:

The CSSI solution eliminated a manual process for logging which goods were loaded onto and taken off of each truck. This sped up the loading/unloading process, and eliminated manual entry errors with the introduction of barcode scanning.

CSSI also created a capability for electronic signature capture for received goods. This dramatically accelerated Wood Mode’s invoicing flows, since the business no longer needed to wait for each delivery document to return from multi-day routes in order to bill customers.

CSSI also added the ability to capture photos of delivered items and attach these to order receipt confirmations. This mobile proof of delivery provided delivery confirmation and eliminated disputes as to the condition of goods upon arrival, and reduced unjustified damage claims.

Digital signature capture in custom proof of delivery software application

After evaluating several mobile devices, Wood Mode selected the TC56 from Zebra Technologies. This powerful and rugged mobile device boasts an Android operating system, large touch screen, long battery life, and ease of use. As a truly rugged handheld, the TC56 will satisfy the business’s needs for many years to come.

CSSI specializes in creating custom software applications for supply chain and B2B applications. In addition to the proof of delivery application discussed here, other projects have included a custom WMS (warehouse management system), quality process tracking applications, customer web portals, and more.

Before the CSSI Proof of Delivery Solution

  • Manual process, paper-based
  • Potential for data-entry error
  • Slow – delivery paperwork can’t be acted on until completing multi-day delivery runs and returning to office
  • Poor customer satisfaction – company doesn’t possess up-to-the-minute information on delivery details
  • Does not meet customer expectation for communication
  • Loss in operational efficiency and customer experience due to missed or mistaken shipments

After the CSSI Proof of Delivery Solution

  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Barcode scanning creates accurate data capture
  • Fast! Paperless proof of delivery immediately transmits delivery information, accelerating invoicing and improving customer service through real time visibility of shipment status
  • Meets or exceeds customer expectation for communication and status updates
  • Improved operational efficiency and customer experience – less waste and better accuracy in the shipment process

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