Zebra Fetch FlexShelf AMR
Configurable Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robot accommodates your unique mix of bins and totes.

Pick-to-Bin or Pick-to-Tote with Fetch FlexShelf AMR

Warehouse picking operations are struggling with rising volumes, faster speed expectations, and labor shortages for warehouse workers. The FlexShelf is an autonomous mobile robot with flexible configurations from Zebra’s Fetch Robotics, which dramatically enhances your team’s productivity by eliminating wasted travel and material transport which ties up your people. Improve picking operation accuracy with pick-to-light functionality, and adjust shelves to accommodate your unique mix of totes and boxes.

Ideal workflows for the FlexShelf autonomous mobile robot include directed ‘each’ and ‘batch’ picking, pick-to-tote, and interleave pick and replenishment.

Why Choose Zebra’s Fetch FlexShelf AMR?

  • Highly configurable interface
  • Includes one or 2 interactive touchscreens for operator guidance and control
  • Integrated barcode scanner for integration with your WMS and manufacturing execution systems
  • Adjustable shelves accommodate a variety of bins and totes.
  • Dynamic LED lighting provides pick-to-light guidance for improved picking workflow and accuracy
  • Carries a payload up to 165 lb. and continuous run time of approx. 9 hours
  • Safe! Navigates around objects and capable of working side by side with warehouse workers.

The FlexShelf warehouse robot is controlled by the Fetch Robotics powerful FlexCore software, which enables rapid programming and reprogramming of AMR function. Now combined with industry-leading Zebra technology for warehouse operations and its investments in machine vision, adaptive vision, and automated data capture, this is a powerful combination.

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To learn more about adopting autonomous mobile robots from Zebra Technologies Corporation and Fetch Robotics to support warehouse picking operations in your facility, contact CSSI to discuss.

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