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Zebra Fetch TagSurveyor AMR
Improve inventory accuracy with continuous mobile RFID scanning

Autonomous RFID Tag Tracking By Robot

Inventory accuracy is critical for any business, and achieving maximum inventory visibility is the holy grail Inventory accuracy is critical for any business, and achieving maximum inventory visibility is the holy grail of any RFID implementation. However, manual inventory counts are slow, error-prone, and expensive. Now the the Fetch Robotics TagSurveyor autonomous mobile robot combines with RFID technology to allow for a new level of inventory tracking… by providing for autonomous mobile inventory tracking in your warehouses. The TagSurveyor roams your manufacturing facilities, silently scanning for tags and immediately reporting results and insights back through a dashboard interface.

Fetch TagSurveyor workflows include cycle counting, physical inventory check, finding lost inventory, and asset tag tracking.

Fetch TagSurveyor AMR

Why Choose Zebra’s Fetch TagSurveyor AMR?

If you are ready to sharpen up your supply chain and take your inventory accuracy to the next level, the TagSurveyor autonomous mobile robot offers powerful benefits to aid your cause:

  • Take maximum advantage of RFID technology for accurate, automated cycle counting and inventory tracking
  • No facility downtime to conduct inventory or cycle counts – even run it after-hours or lights-out
  • Powerful reporting tools provide data visualization and insights to address inventory issues
  • Inventory tracking can be performed continuously or on a daily basis – no longer just quarterly or annually
  • Eliminates human counting error
  • Also suitable for tracking of critical assets via RFID tagging
  • Reduces the number of expensive RFID antennas required for your operation

Learn More About the Zebra Fetch TagSurveyor AMR

CSSI is pleased to partner with Fetch / Zebra Technologies, the leader in warehouse operations technology and innovation. To learn more about implementing Zebra’s Fetch robotics solutions in your facility, contact CSSI to discuss your needs.

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