Zebra Fetch HMIShelf AMR
Easy-to-implement and versatile autonomous mobile robots

All-In-One Mobile Robots with Operator Interface

Looking for a perfect autonomous mobile robot to start your adoption of AMRs? The Fetch HMIShelf AMR from Fetch Robotics (part of Zebra Technologies) is the ideal platform for your warehouse or fulfillment center to tackle rising order volumes. With adjustable shelves ready to carry packages, bins, or totes, this autonomous mobile robot is ready to jump in and start eliminating travel waste immediately. Just select a high-value workflow and the HMIShelf can help you with picking accuracy and efficiency. HMIShelf even includes a built-in touchscreen to enable fast configuration and easy operation. This gets you started fast!

Optimal workflows for the Fetch HMIShelf warehouse robot include order picking, assembly/Q&A, ASRS induction, rush oOptimal warehouse workflows for the HMIShelf AMR include order picking, assembly/Q&A, ASRS induction, rush orders, and returns processing.

Zebra Fetch AMR - HMIShelf

Why Choose Zebra’s Fetch HMIShelf AMR?

  • Achieve warehouse automation! Setup to use in hours, and easily redeploy to new warehouse tasks
  • Perfect for small and mid-size boxes and packages
  • Flexible configurations: adjustable shelving lets you accommodate your unique payload
  • Built-in touchscreen enables easy operation and configuration, or trigger actions with mobile computer or barcode scanning devices.
  • Carries up to 172lbs, offers 9 hours of nominal runtime

Minimal distribution facility prep is necessary! The HMIShelf warehouse robot will navigate around obstacles, and Zebra’s robust safety provisions enable it to operate around people.

Learn More About the Zebra Fetch HMIShelf AMR

To learn more about adopting autonomous mobile robots in your fulfillment centers, contact CSSI to discuss your needs. CSSI is a certified partner of Fetch / Zebra Technologies Corporation, the leader in warehouse operations technology.

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