Zebra Fetch Freight500 AMR & Fetch Freight1500 AMR
Autonomous mobile robots for palletized loads

Automation Solution for Pallet Transport

Trained forklift operators are expensive and hard to find. The Fetch Robotics Freight500 AMR and Freight1500 AMR’s can reduce your reliance on forklifts to transport pallets throughout your facility. In addition to the elimination of travel waste and the ability to redirect your labor to more valuable tasks, the Freight autonomous mobile robots also improve facility safety – they boast zero-blind spot sensor coverage, and a safety-first operating philosophy which will never waver.

The Freight500 autonomous mobile robot can handle pallets up to 1,100 lbs., and the Freight1500 handles loads up to 3,300 lbs. Both units boast an operating runtime of 9 hours, and charge to 90% in an hour.

Ideal warehouse operations workflows for the Freight500 and Freight1500 warehouse robots include case picking, pallet movements, putaway, crossdocking, and pallet recycling.

Why Choose Zebra’s Fetch Freight500 AMR or Freight1500 AMR?

Fetch AMR solutions are now part of supply chain technology leader Zebra Technologies. The Freight500 and Freight1500 pallet transport robots offer immediate productivity and safety benefits for your manufacturing and distribution centers:

  • Improves pallet picking workflows by dramatically reducing manual material movement and manned travel
  • Reduces forklift and pallet jack dependency, warehouse traffic, and safety incidents
  • Safe! Offers zero-blind spot sensor coverage
  • Deploy fast! Does not require major infrastructure changes, and automation can be configured with drag-and-drop cloud robotics workflow builder software. Integrates with your warehouse management system.
  • High duty cycles
  • Trigger actions with mobile computer, barcode scanner, physical button, or RFID

Learn More About the Zebra Fetch Freight500 AMR and Freight1500 AMR

To learn more about how to perform materials handling with Fetch warehouse robots in your facility, contact the warehouse operations experts at CSSI to discuss your needs.

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