Zebra Fetch CartConnect500 AMR
Autonomous mobile robot for the transport of heavy carts

Autonomous Cart Transports Payloads up to 600 lbs.

Ready to safely and autonomously move carts in your warehouse or production environment? The CartConnect500 warehouse robot from Fetch Robotics & Zebra Technologies Corp enables pick-to-cart workflows with transfer of carts by mobile robots. This robust version of the Fetch CartConnect AMR product (see the Fetch CartConnect100 for lighter loads) will move up to 600 lbs.! Implementation of the CartConnect500 will accelerate your warehouse and manufacturing material movements by enabling your people to focus on higher-value tasks – particularly valuable when labor is short and customers demand fast and accurate response.

Great workflows for the Fetch CartConnect500 autonomous mobile robot include case picking, replenishment/putaway, raw material delivery, ASRS induction, e-commerce fulfillment centers, and staging/consolidation.

Fetch CartConnect500 AMR - lifting rack

Why Choose Zebra’s Fetch CartConnect500?

  • Safely transport cases, totes, boxes, and small pallets up to 600 lbs. – motion control safety is built in to allow operation around warehouse and manufacturing employees
  • Detachable cart improves your picking operation and putaway efficiency by eliminating manual travel via pallet jacks or fork trucks. Improve pick productivity by eliminated wasted travel effort.
  • Quickly create and customize workflows with the Fetch cloud robotics platform. Change AMR operation as your business dictates.
  • Continuous runtime of approx. 9 hours.
  • Trigger warehouse robot’s action with barcode scan by mobile computer, with designated buttons, or by RFID.

Safety comes first when considering an automation solution – the CartConnect500 warehouse robot will navigate around objects and people, and requires no special infrastructure and minimal worker training in your distribution centers.

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Put the warehouse expertise of CSSI and Fetch Robotics / Zebra Technologies Corporation to work to improve your warehouse operations. To learn more about adopting autonomous mobile robots in your facility, contact CSSI to discuss your needs.

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