2019 Zebra Warehouse Vision Study

Interested in a data-rich overview of the state of the warehousing industry? In the 2019 Zebra Warehouse Vision Study, CSSI partner Zebra Technologies asked over 1,400 warehouse executives, warehouse operators and supply chain decision makers for their insights and strategies for modernizing their warehouse operation and improving worker productivity over the next 5 years. The smart warehouse is coming quickly and will transform warehouse operations.

  • 46% cite the need for faster delivery to end-customers as the primary factor driving growth plans
  • 60% report labor as a top challenge, both in terms of recruitment, efficiency, and increased productivity
  • Expect rapidly rising adoption of warehouse automation – 61% will rely on a combination of humans and AI-powered technology by 2024

According to the study, top warehouse labor initiatives includes:

  • Worker comfort & ergonomics
  • Optimizing the use of temp / seasonal labor
  • Increasing training to retain labor
  • Faster employee onboarding to reduce time and expense
  • Recruiting higher-skilled labor
  • Addressing labor shortages
  • Replacing an aging workforce

Continually-evolving and newly introduced technologies exist to help you achieve increased productivity in your warehouse operations. CSSI can help you with Zebra solutions such as:

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