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Wearable Technology
Finger- and hand-word scanners free up your workers' hands, saving scan time and improving ergonomics and productivity

In the ongoing search for productivity gains via technology, manufacturing and warehousing leaders have moved from paper to scanners to powerful rugged mobile computers. Now the next phase is underway…. the adoption of wearable technology is an improved method by which to interact with the computer.

‘Wearables’ is a broad category which, in the warehouse environment, includes devices such as finger- or hand-worn scanners.

According to Zebra’s 2018 Manufacturing Vision Study, between 2018 and 2022 the use of wearables will increase by 38% (from 40-55% of plant floors).

Wearable technology adoption on the plant floor is rising rapidly

The Need for Speed (and Accuracy)
What’s behind this increase? The need for ever-increasing levels of speed and accuracy – shipping more orders per shift, with lower error rates.
The chart below lays out the primary factors driving wearable usage, as presented by VDC Research. The top factor driving wearable initiatives is increasing employee productivity by keeping users hands-free (59.6%).

Primary factors driving wearable tech initiatives

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