All-In-One Mobile Labeling Station to Boost Productivity

Eliminating Wasted Travel In the Warehouse

In fast-moving fulfillment and warehouse environments, companies are seeking every opportunity to improve productivity. Solutions such as material handling robots, barcode scanners, and wearable computers often come to mind. However, it’s important not to overlook one of the most common (and most easily addressed) sources of waste: travel waste. With travel waste, we are referring to the cumulatively vast amount of distance employees must travel back and forth from the point of work to print labels at the stationary point where the print station is located.

Fixed location printers become a source of time waste, as well as expensive shipping mistakes. It’s impossible to quickly improve this problem, with immediate results, with the adoption of an all-in-one mobile labeling station.

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Benefits of a Mobile Labeling System

  • Significantly improve output (as much as doubling productivity!) by allowing employees to remain on-task, instead of walking back and forth to printers
  • Reduce labeling errors – printing labels at the point of use reduces the likelihood that they will be mixed up and applied to the wrong item.
  • A mobile printer can be a great solution in some cases, however, the label format and label printing requirements may require a full-sized industrial printer

Accessories For Your Powered Computer Cart

The specific configuration of your mobile labeling station will be dependent upon your workflow and requirements. Common accessories include:

Configure a Mobile Labeling Station Today

CSSI offers configurable and durable carts from Newcastle Systems, which boast a swappable battery system, and can be ordered to include the label printer of your choice. The ROI for mobile labeling stations and powered computer carts can be exceptional. Start by contacting CSSI so that we can learn more about your application and suggest effective solutions.

CSSI can also support your needs for shipping label stock, and in many instances can help you with programs providing free replacement thermal printheads for your thermal transfer printer. Speak to us to learn more.

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A Mobile Labeling Station Keeps Your Team On-Task

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