Mobile Printer Carts
Boost productivity by eliminating unnecessary foot travel. Bring your printer to the point of use with a mobile powered cart

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Mobile printer carts eliminate unnecessary foot travel in your operation. Time savings when using a rolling cart quickly add up to significant economic savings. CSSI partners with Newcastle Systems, a leading provider of mobile powered carts, for flexible mobile workstation configuration. When mobile carts are combined with dependable rugged label printers and a barcode scanner, productivity improvements can be almost immediate.

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Mobile Powered Carts Boost Productivity

benefits of mobile printer carts

Don’t slow down your staff with a traditional fixed computer desk or stationary printer stand. CSSI can work with you to identify business processes which would benefit from mobile printing stations. The results which come from eliminating wasted steps are compelling. Take the thermal printer or color inkjet printer to the point of use, along with a barcode scanner to reduce data entry errors. As seen in the chart above, use of a mobile printer cart can result in:

  • 75% reduction in overtime
  • 90% reduction in labeling errors
  • 63% increase in receiving volume
  • Reduction in per-operator labor costs of $7500 or higher
  • 30% increase in picking rates
  • ROI of 4-6 months

Applications for Mobile Printer Carts

Warehouse/DCManufacturing/Shop FloorRetail Floor
Receiving of raw materialsIncoming inspection & labellingLabeling shelves, tag & sign printing
QC - testing, measurement & inspectionCross-dockingLine busting
Finished goods labelingCycle counting & inventory countingInventory management
Visual work instructionOutbound labelingMobile POS / point of sale

Contact CSSI to create your mobile powered cart

CSSI offers a variety of mobile powered carts to take your , and other devices that require AC power and put them on wheels. Make your warehouse, manufacturing floor, or retail space completely mobile. If desired, add storage space, a shelf, and work surface. Complete the form at right to speak to CSSI about how we can integrate mobile printer carts into your operation.

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