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Color Inkjet Printers
Color inkjet printers provide high-quality on-demand labels in vibrant, durable hues.

Does your process require on-demand printing of high quality color labels? CSSI is pleased to offer fast, reliable, and versatile color inkjet printers ready for your business needs. These printers are ideal for warehouses, shipping & distribution, and medical environments.

Eliminate the need to source and maintain inventory of pre-printed color labels. Print on demand to maintain flexibility.

Canon LX-D5500 color inkjet printer
  • Variety of labels widths available, such as 2″ and 4″
  • Select from printers using dye-based or pigment-based inks, depending on your application requirements
  • CSSI can provide you an estimate on print cost per square inch, based on your label size and ink coverage needs.
  • CSSI also provides ink supplies and label stock.

Contact CSSI today for assistance in selecting a high quality color inkjet printer.

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