CSSI Is Pennsylvania Source For Autonomous Mobile Robots
Material-handling Fetch AMRs now available in Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic

Zebra Fetch AMRs Now Available In PA Via CSSI

June 15, 2022, Lewisburg, PA – Pennsylvania-based CSSI Technologies introduces Zebra’s line of Fetch autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to its product offering. Long known for expertise in mobile computing and automated data capture, now CSSI introduces autonomous mobile robots in PA.

As companies face labor shortages and rising expenses, even in the face of growing business demands, the maturation of autonomous mobile robots comes at the perfect time for manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers. “We are pleased to offer autonomous mobile robots to companies in Pennsylvania and throughout the mid-Atlantic US”, said Joe Tosolt, president of CSSI. “Robotics presents a solution for companies faced with rising volumes and struggling to attract and train staff during a labor shortage. Fetch AMRs eliminate wasted employee travel, boosting the speed and efficiency of your material movements.”

Warehouse robots reduce a company’s reliance on manned forklifts and pallet jacks, and allow the firm to direct those resources to higher value activities. Productivity can surge as valuable human resources spend less time escorting materials around the facility and more time adding value to those materials. AMRs augment and empower human staff, allowing a company’s people to get more done with less effort.

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Zebra Technologies Purchase of Fetch Robotics

In August of 2021, Zebra Technologies completed its acquisition of Fetch Robotics , which was notable because Fetch has been a pioneer in mobile robotics technology and on-demand automation, and has developed a wide range of effective and easy-to-implement mobile robots powered by AI. As the industry leader in supply chain technology, Zebra’s purchase of Fetch Robotics enables it to add leading-edge material handling capabilities to its product line. CSSI is a Pennsylvania-based Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, and ready to work with you on implementing autonomous mobile robots in your warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robot Product Family
The Fetch line of autonomous mobile robots from Zebra Technologies

Key Benefits of AMRs

Autonomous mobile robots can be transformative for the productivity of your warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility – improving performance for your customers. The benefits of mobile robot technology are far-reaching and include:

  • Reduce reliance on manned forklifts and pallet jacks
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time employees spend in transit
  • Support 2- and 3-shift operations
  • Reliable and dependable – autonomous mobile robots don’t get sick or take time off, offering 24/7 mobility
  • Improve safety – Zebra’s Fetch AMRs are designed with safe operation in mind with cameras and sensors, and reduce opportunities for accidents which results from human-driven forklifts
  • Zebra’s Fetch AMRs can be easily trained for a task, and can be retrained for a new task when your business needs change. (This is a major different of AMRs versus the less flexible AGV, automated guided vehicle).

Attractive Workflows to Handle With Autonomous Mobile Robots

As you think about implementing warehouse robots, think from the perspective of specific workflows. What is the definable, repeatable task which can be assigned to your AMR in order to improve overall productivity? You are likely to find the highest ROI by identifying the most well-defined and frequently executed tasks. Businesses differ, but some likely examples might include:

  • Support for picking operations with movement of eaches, totes, or cases
  • Transport of pallets within facility
  • Transport of rolling carts – supporting case picking, replenishment, and raw material delivery
  • Creation of a virtual conveyor system, moving items from one line to the next
  • Removal of waste material and recycling
  • Automated RFID scanning of facility for cycle counting and asset tracking
Zebra Fetch AMR - FlexShelf in the warehouse

How To Get Started With Autonomous Mobile Robots in PA

To get started with AMRs in Pennsylvania and the entire mid-Atlantic region, contact CSSI Technologies to discuss your needs. Our warehouse and mobile robot experts will work with you to determine the most attractive way to implement mobile robots in your facility.

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