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Environmental Sensors
Assure safety, build customer confidence, and reduce waste

Temperature & Climate Monitoring Solutions Protect Your Products

CSSI provides a variety of environmental sensors and monitoring solutions which enable you to assure that your products are properly handled from the time they leave your facility until they reach your customer. Reduce waste and built confidence and trust with your customers by providing them with positive assurance of safety.

Environmental Sensor Solutions

Click to learn more about the variety of environmental sensor solutions available from CSSI:

Dual Shipment Temperature Indicators
Easy-to-use package inserts notify the recipient of heat or freeze events.
printable humidity indicators
Print your own temperature and humidity sensing labels on demand!
Fixed environmental sensors
Remotely monitor temperature, humidity, vaping, particulates and more.

Monitor Temperature Sensitive Goods Throughout Your Supply Chain

Your customer’s safety and your reputation ride through the supply chain with your products, even after they’ve left your control. We provide environmental sensor solutions which provide accurate and cost-effective methods of providing critical signals of quality to your end customers.

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