Ready-To-Use Indicators
Disposable indicators alert recipients to heat excursions and freeze events, improving customer safety and confidence

Provide Visual Assurance That Proper Temperatures Have Been Maintained

How do you improve confidence that a temperature-sensitive food product or medication has been properly handled? In our modern supply chain, a package may pass through many hands once it departs your facility, leaving you (and your reputation) at the mercy of events beyond your control: shipment delays, road obstacles, repackaging delays, delivery problems — these are all factors which can spoil an otherwise properly handled shipment and put the recipient at risk.

Our ready-to-use indicators provide an easy-to-implement solution. Simply include the appropriate indicator card in the box, and the eventual recipient can check the card for a visual signal. This is an ideal solution for applications where an indicator will be placed with each individual box or carton.

Ready-To-Use Indicator Types

There are several varieties of ready-to-use indicators available. Don’t see what you need? Please contact us so we can explore a custom solution for you.

Dual Shipment Temperature Indicators
Shipment Temperature Indicators
Dual indicator reports both heat excursions and freeze events.
Heat Threshold Indicator
Heat Indicators
Choose between time delay and immediate response heat thresholds.
Freeze Event Indicator
Freeze Indicators
Records freeze events with irreversible visual mark.
Food Temperature Indicators
Heat threshold indicators signal when designated temp limits have been exceeded.
Blood Temperature Indicators
Easy-to-read and irreversible color change when heat exceeds acceptable level.

Consult With CSSI for Ready-To-Use Temperature Indicators

CSSI Technologies offers a complete line of environmental sensor products, from electronic temperature monitors to ready-to-use indicators. Our product experts will work with you to understand your application and requirements and specify an optimal solution for you.

Benefits of Ready-To-Use Indicators

Our visual temperature indicator cards provide a range of benefits to you as well as your customers. Benefits include:

  • Easy to implement: Work with CSSI to specify the correct indicator, and then simply place a card with each outbound item.
  • Easy to understand: The recipient can quickly inspect the indicator card for a visual go/no-go signal.
  • Cost-effective: Disposable ready-to-use indicators can be placed with each item or case. Ideal for situations where reverse logistics is not appropriate.
  • Increase customer confidence: Customers appreciate a positive safety assurance.
  • Improve safety: Reduce risk of adverse outcomes if a customer receives an item which was not properly handled in transit.

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