Printable Indicators
Simply print & apply. Provides user a visual indicator warning of adverse temperature or humidity conditions.

Printable Indicators Monitor Key Environmental Conditions

On-demand printable indicators provide a reliable and cost-effective way to assure the proper handling of temperature- and humidity-sensitive items. Printed in thermal printers, these indicators provide an irreversible and easy-to-read visual signal notifying the user if certain adverse conditions have been experienced. Simply work with CSSI to specify the correct label stock for your application, print labels as needed, and simply apply to your product. We also offer electronic temperature sensors and ready-to-use indicators.

Printable Indicator Varieties

There are several types of printable indicators available. Don’t see what you need? Please contact us so we can explore a custom solution for you.

printable temperature indicators
Temperature Indicators
printable humidity indicators
Humidity/Moisture Indicators
printable sterilization indicators
Sterilization Indicators

Benefits of Printable Indicators

On-demand printable indicators are ideal for situations where a low-cost visual signal will add value for recipients. Your ability to print labels on your own thermal printers means that you can add information pertinent to your specific business or product, with flexibility to change the content as necessary.

  • Comply with government regulations on perishable items.
  • Validate proper handling and processing of goods, and gain visibility into unexpected environmental changes.
  • Minimize product waste.
  • Avoid liability issues caused by products which have become dangerous to the recipient.
  • Lower the cost of reshipping products and reduce expensive mistakes and recalls, improving your bottom line.

Consult With CSSI for Printable Indicators: Temperature, Humidity, and Sterilization

CSSI Technologies offers a complete line of environmental sensor products, from printable indicators to electronic temperature monitors. Our product experts will work with you to understand your use case and requirements and specify an optimal solution for you.

Applications & Uses for Printable Indicators

Simply print your indicator label and place it on the box or package. There are many use cases:

printable indicators for food supply chain Food Supply Chain
Perishable food items are impacted by environmental conditions, with implications for customer safety and your reputation. Printable indicators provide a low-cost way to provide visual assurance that a food item is safe. Easy to implement, and simple to understand.
printable indicators for transportation Transportation
Many products can be affected by condensation, temperature and moisture during transport. As supply chains lengthen, products become more susceptible to adverse conditions due to transit delays and equipment breakdowns.
printable indicators for manufacturing Manufacturing
Applications vary - in some production processes, parts must be subjected to high heat to assure quality. Other items may be sensitive to humidity. Printable indicators validate that the correct process has been followed and items have not been damaged.
printable indicators for sterilization Sterilization Processing
R&D and Quality labs have a need to verify that proper sterilization procedures have been followed, as a condition for safe use. Printable indicators provide a visual check that items have been properly sanitized.

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