How Ready-To-Use Indicators Provide End-Customer Reassurance

What are ready-to-use indicators?

Ready-to-use indicators are small cards which contain temperature-sensitive areas which provide a visual signal triggered by environmental conditions. For example, a mark may change color if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, or a different mark may appear if freezing conditions have been encountered. Indicator cards are available in various configurations, each intended to provide useful information in certain shipment workflows.

Ready to use indicators are one of several varieties of environmental sensors available from CSSI which prevent the consumption of unsafe foods or medicine. End-users benefit from improved confidence in the quality of the items received, and thereby improve their opinion of your brand.

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What types of ready-to-use indicators are available?

Indicators are available in a variety of configurations, each intended to report on specific environmental situations:

  1. Heat indicators
  2. Freeze indicators
  3. Shipment temperature indicators
  4. Food temperature indicators
  5. Blood temperature indicators

This indicator cards require no batteries or power. They work through the application of certain chemicals or inks which are affected by temperature. CSSI is able to help you find or specify the right type of indicator for your application.

What are great applications for ready-to-use indicators?

Ready-to-use indicators are ideal for situations where you need to provide assurance that acceptable temperature ranges are maintained for items during shipping or handling, particularly if there is a high volume of such items which make the cost per unit important. These indicator cards are disposable and inexpensive, so they are suited for one-way trips and customer shipments. Indicators are great for all situations where you need to ensure that food or medicine is properly handled after it leaves your direct control.

Some typical applications might include:

  • Shipment of frozen food
  • Shipment of temperature-sensitive food or medicine
  • Handling of blood samples for which proper temperatures must be maintained

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