Pennsylvania Manufacturing Competitiveness Playbook
Free Download: PA Advisory Council publishes new recommendations to boost state manufacturing

Manufacturing Advisory Council Publishes Guide To Greater Pennsylvania Manufacturing Competitiveness

September, 2022 – The Pennsylvania Manufacturing Advisory Council has just published an insightful new guide, the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Competitiveness Playbook. This is a must-read for all participants in the PA manufacturing economy. This guide was created after detailed discussion and research by the Council with 500 state manufacturers. It aspires to provide insights and direction for continued economic development, innovation, and growth in the state’s sizable manufacturing base.

Manufacturing Is Significant to Pennsylvania Economic Development

Pennsylvania is a significant US domestic manufacturing power. The manufacturing sector is the state’s largest (13% of output), and manufacturing employment is significant, accounting for 9.5% of state workers. Also important: Pennsylvania manufacturers employ workers earning 33% more than average. Further, manufacturing jobs support 2.5 other workers on average, further amplifying the impact.

manufacturing power in Pennsylvania

Smart Adoption of Technology Can Play a Role in Competitiveness

PA manufacturers face a number of challenges today. Among these are rising production volumes, customer expectations for ever-faster delivery, and hiring and employee retention challenges which complicate the days of operations managers everywhere. Smart adoption of the right manufacturing technology has the potential to solve all of these problems. PA Manufacturers agree: 90% are hiring, and 90% are also looking to technologies such as automation:

Automation is particularly attractive because it acts as a force-multiplier, allowing the firm to maximize the impact of each employee, even as it improves worker safety and job satisfaction. Consider the benefits of picking or line-side delivery via warehouse robot. The worker’s productive time is maximized, and wasted travel is reduced.

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Forward-thinking companies are exploring opportunities to achieve significant ROI through technology, even while reducing hiring, training, and retention headaches.

Download the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Competitiveness Playbook Here:

How CSSI Can Help Manufacturing Companies

CSSI Technologies, based in Lewisburg, PA, provides a range of hardware and software solutions which support Pennsylvania manufacturers in improving worker productivity, raising accuracy and visibility, and improving customer service – in manufacturing, warehousing, supply chain, shipping, and more.

Further, CSSI provides services such as Device Lifecycle Management and Mobile Device Management (MDM) which reduce the burden of managing, securing, and configuring mobile devices.

With years of experience supporting manufacturing and warehousing customers, CSSI brings to your team an industry perspective and technology expertise which can rocket your business forward.

Contact CSSI To Boost Manufacturing Competitiveness

To discuss improvement of your manufacturing competitiveness, contact CSSI to start a conversation. We look forward to speaking you about your operation!

Need additional state assistance with your manufacturing operation? Contact PA’s network of industrial resource centers for connection with support and resources.

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