The Benefits of Custom Programming Solutions
How Custom Application Development Can Create Competitive Advantage

For many years, CSSI Technologies has provided custom programming solutions and mobile app development for a broad variety of customers and applications. We are regularly asked to consult with customers evaluating whether custom software development makes sense. With this in mind, we’ve drafted some thoughts that a company might consider when contemplating a software project.

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Identifying Attractive Opportunities for Custom Software Solutions

Every business has unique workflows or a certain critical business process. These might be competitive advantages, or particular challenges to be overcome. Your ability to strengthen and refine these areas can become the source of unique competitive advantage:

  • Faster, more efficient performance of key workflows
  • Superior accuracy and lack of mistakes
  • Better availability of information to those who need it

Does the software which you use to operate your business work for you or against you? Does it make your daily tasks and information flow easier, or is it a continual hurdle to be overcome? Further, are there manual or paper-based processes which consume time and are prone to errors? These are areas where custom application development can be of benefit to you. Out-of-the-box software, by nature, caters to the ‘average’ customer. As a result, it often can often not accommodate the unique aspects of your business.

Things to think about when considering custom software development:

  • Find pain points – repetitive work, sources of errors and lost time, poor information
  • Define scope – is this a freestanding solution, or will it be integrated with other systems? Is this a modification of existing software, or an entirely new custom solution?
  • How will the software be used? PC, tablet, or handheld computer?
  • Time frame for implementation

A Broad Variety of Custom Development Solutions

We have done application development for the business need of a wide variety of customers. Just a few of these include:

  • WMS – warehouse management system
  • Proof of delivery – enabling the shipping and delivery process to work with higher accuracy, and enabling faster billing
  • Lab sample tracking software – a custom solution enabling a lab to move faster, with historical record keeping
  • Database design and refinement; report migration and modernization
  • Native application development or web application development
  • Microsoft Access migration and modernization

CSSI Offers Custom Programming Services

CSSI’s team of software developers has extensive experience in a variety of custom programming frameworks and languages – we believe that it is advantageous to our customers for us to be able to select from a number of different languages. The right choice for your project will depend upon your unique situation.

Some of the many custom programming languages and tools which we use include:

  • C#, JavaScript, Python, Java
  • React, Xamarin Android, HTML, CSS
  • Mobile application development tools from several leading mobile hardware vendors
  • Databases such as SQL, SQL Express, NoSQL, and Access
  • Sharepoint
  • Reporting tools such as Power BI, Crystal Reports

Next Steps: Learn How We Can Help With Custom Programming Service

To discuss custom software development services with the CSSI professional services or development team, please contact us . We look forward to speaking with you about a custom software solution or custom programming project.

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