Zebra Announces ET40 & ET45 Enterprise Tablets
Powerful alternative to consumer-grade options for less-rugged tablet applications

Businesses which have been tempted to deploy consumer-grade tablets, and disappointed or frustrated by the results, will be thrilled by the new line of ET40 & ET45 tablets from Zebra Technologies Corporation. The ET40/45 family fills a gap between not-good-enough consumer tablets and more robust tablets such as Zebra’s ET80/ET85 line.

The Zebra ET40 tablet (wi-fi only) and ET45 tablet (wi-fi or cellular) are ready for demanding environments, with rugged features unavailable in consumer products, such as swappable batteries. Powerful Zebra barcode scanner technology and unified communications capabilities create dramatic productivity benefits for your team. Importantly, when you are adopting for a mobile computing rollout, you will appreciate Zebra’s 3-year hardware lifecycle and 6 years of service and support – a product runway dramatically longer than that attained with consumer-grade products.

Why Consumer Grade Tablets Fail In The Workplace

Businesses which don’t require completely rugged tablet solutions for mobile workers, may be tempted by initially less expensive consumer-grade products, but the complete cost of ownership should be considered, as the costs ultimately outweigh the upfront benefits:

  • Continual device failure after drops, bumps, and mishaps
  • Need for expensive rugged cases and scanning sleds undermines the perceived ‘cost-savings’
  • Short consumer lifecycles inevitably results in a workplace cluttered with many different device models, increasing the difficulty of management and training
  • Service and support is limited
  • Batteries are not replaceable – when battery dies, you must discard the device
  • Lack of enterprise features and connectivity options slows down and frustrates your workers

The ET4X Series of Zebra Tablets is Feature-Packed

Instead, choosing the enterprise grade ET4X series provides your team with a professional grade product with features which will save employees time and aggravation, and enterprise software tools which your IT staff will appreciate.

  • Tough design, yet thin and light styling. Corning Gorilla Glass protects your screen.
  • Large 8″ or 10″ screen superior to smaller mobile computer screen sizes
  • Fast wireless – 5G and Wi-Fi 6
  • Battery power for multiple shifts
  • Zebra’s industry-best barcode scanner performance and barcode software
  • Complete family of accessories is available
  • Multi-year lifecycle
  • Voice solutions such as Workforce Connect are available to improve team communication
  • Zebra’s mobility DNA packs in value-add features which contribute to device management and ease of use

Applications for the ET40/ET45 Rugged Tablet

There are many use cases for the Zebra ET40 / ET45 Tablet family:

  • Transportation and Logistics – use for routing or dispatch, proof of delivery, invoicing, inventory management, staff communication.
  • Field Service and Utilities – routing/dispatch, inventory management, personnel tracking, mobile work order management, safety inspection, meter reading.
  • Warehousing – inventory management, picking, put-away, receiving, staff communications.
  • Manufacturing – plant management, mobile HMI, maintenance repair, quality assurance, communications.
  • Retail and Hospitality – great for assisted selling, price checks, line busting, point of sale, inventory management.

Learn More About the Zebra ET40/ET45

To learn more about the ET40 & ET45 tablet, please contact CSSI Technologies. Our team of Zebra product experts can review your needs and help you select the optimal product for your business.

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