Lumber Tags & Labels

CSSI Offers Lumber Tags & Labels for Reliable Lumber Identification and Tracking

It’s a difficult task… lumber tags and labels must be designed to withstand the elements and affix to every rugged wood surface regardless of its condition. CSSI offers all types of labels and tags for the mill, lumber yard, or wood product manufacturer, including customized wraps for load identification and bar code application.

lumber barcode labels

Your lumber tag can help you identify data for classification and tracking, allowing you to keep accurate records of your lumber production. We provide labels that are tear-resistant and that withstand outdoor conditions. CSSI has all your needs covered including fade-resistant inks, permanent or removable adhesives to handle all types of surfaces and environments and coatings that are resistant to UV exposure, heat, sub-zero temperatures, water, grease, oil and chemicals. Tags can be applied to treated wood, treated lumber, finished lumber, raw wood, and any wood or lumber product.

Our Process For Lumber Tag Selection

  • The CSSI team are tag, label, and print supply experts.
  • We will consult with you to evaluate your application requirements, and will work with you to select an ideal quality solution for all your lumber operations. We source your log tag or end tag from a range of suppliers, and can thus choose the best solution for your application. Custom sizes are available.
  • CSSI can help you reduce your material and labor costs, all while meeting lumber industry criteria such as those from the American Lumber Standard Committee.

CSSI also provides barcode labels for horticultural, furniture, forestry, and a wide variety of other specialty applications.

Lastly, CSSI supplied rugged mobile computers, fork truck-mounted computers, and bar code scanners which can stand up to tough outdoor usage.

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