Honeywell VM1A Vehicle Mounted Computer

Honeywell Forklift Terminal On Mobility Edge Platform

Feeling pressure to ramp up your distribution and logistics speed while simultaneously reducing operating costs? Luckily, new technology is available to help in achieving your warehouse productivity goals in distribution center and forklift environments.

Independent research shows that inefficient processes and unproductive worker time cost the average distribution center up to $400,000/yr. That’s 3,000 hours!

Introducing Honeywell’s Thor VM1A

The Thor™ VM1A from Honeywell is a new, feature-packed vehicle mounted computer which operates on the Android Mobility Edge platform – it’s been designed to positively impact productivity in forklift environments. This vehicle mount computer will assist your fork truck operators to move and locate products faster – all while reducing errors and saving effort.

Honeywell VM1A

VM1A Is Packed With Numerous Breakthrough Features

It’s worth noting that the VM1A features a field-replaceable front panel – better investment protection since you can replace the most commonly damaged part of mobile device. Also, Honeywell’s exclusive SmartDock system enables quick swap-outs between vehicles without touching cabling – minimizing downtime and reducing the number of spare parts needed to be kept in inventory.

The VM1A features a field-replaceable front panel.

Attention users of the prior-generation Honeywell VM1: please note that VM1A is backwards-compatible with docks and cabling.

All of that translates into an extended product lifecycle and lower cost of ownership – keeping your forklift operators up and running and delivering better ROI to your bottom line.

Migrating To Android?

Are you ready to migrate from Windows to the Android operating system ? The VM1A utilizes Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform with numerous breakthrough features. You’ll have support for the next 4 Android generations, from Android O to Android R.

Are you about to migrate from Windows to Android? Consult with CSSI for rapid Android migration for telnet, as well as our productivity-enhancing telnet screen modernization capabilities.

Capture Barcodes From the Forklift

With an accompanying barcode scanner , your operators can capture barcodes without leaving the forklift. We offer a broad rugged industrial barcode scanner range, as well as an Android mobile device range to keep your employees productive while on the move. These essential tools save your operators time and save you money.

Running a Cold Storage Warehouse?

The VM1A is available in configurations suitable for freezer warehouses , with features such as the optional screen defroster, and custom keyboards suited for use with gloves.

Benefits of Honeywell’s Mobility Edge Platform

Honeywell created the Mobility Edge platform with the concept of a shared chip architecture used across its Android mobile computer line. Mobility Edge has multiple customer benefits. Most significantly, you can achieve one-time application certification – an app certified on a Mobility Edge device will work as intended on any rugged computer in the program. This allows you to utilize multiple form factors within your operation, without incurring excess development expense.

CSSI Supports Your VM1A Deployment

When you work with CSSI, you’ll find that we support you in early-stage consulting and mobile computer specification as well as device deployment and provisioning. Further, we can support your mobile computer fleet across its entire lifecycle through our Device Lifecycle Management program. We ensure that all deployed devices adhere to a common configuration, and we push updates and keep you on a current version of Android.

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